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Five Reasons You Need to Start Selling on Amazon

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Are you planning to become a seller for a living or already have a store with plans to enter large markets? While both are completely different scenarios, selling on Amazon is a perfect solution for each. Even if you are already selling on big platforms like eBay, you still can catch more buyers with Amazon by expanding your reach.

If you are new in the arena without any item listing or website, this platform is perfect to start. There are many reasons you should start selling on Amazon. The major one being that it tops the online retailers’ list. 

Amazon is Seizing the Space Persistently

Sales on Amazon are claiming more and more space every day. In 2018, the platform’s turnover amounted to $200 billion. Moreover, its sales in the US exceed 4.5 times more than that of the world’s second-largest online retailer: JD.com. Amazon is responsible for over half of the total online sales in the US while over 30 percent of sales remain outside the US.

The company is opening 1300 new warehouses in Europe to ensure Prime Now services for their European customers. Even Covid-19 could not impact its sales as much as it did for others. In 2020, its net profit doubled in the first quarter valuing at $5.2 billion.

All these statistics mean you will be entering a marketplace where the buyers are in abundance. By being a seller on Amazon, you will have millions of potential buyers. Finding customers, especially as a new business, is one of the hardest things and the majority of this work is done when you sign up on Amazon. Even if you already have an online store, nothing hurts to have an expanded clientele that the said platform can provide you.

Simple and Easy Process

It is quite simple to set up a store on Amazon. There are various tools and extensions that allow you to start selling on Amazon. Gearbubble is one (here’s a detailed review of the tool). 

Some categories have less competition than others. Some specific categories need to get approved first before you can upload any listings. These include personal safety equipment, media players, household products, and health-related supplies among others.

Some products are very easy to sell on Amazon for which thousands of potential customers are flooding on the platform every day. Even if your category is among those requiring approval, it still is not a bad deal.

Economical Setup

Getting started on Amazon is much easier than setting up your website, and that does not even include SEO and marketing. Setting up an online store through a website requires a hosting fee and plenty of marketing techniques to let people know about your business.

On the other hand, Amazon has a very negligible upfront fee without any additional charges. It does not require any marketing tools. All you need is an internet connection, accounting software, and basic gadgets. That is why it can provide a good side hustle when you cannot afford a hefty investment.

Convenient Shipping

Amazon has amazing shipping policies, especially the one under its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) system. Under FBA, the company takes care of everything from picking up your inventory and ships it. They keep your inventory in their warehouse and deal with its packing as well. This service alone takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders. In case there is an issue with or during shipping like damage or late consignments, the responsibility is with Amazon. That means any glitch or untoward hassle will not influence your reputation.

Brand Protection

While Amazon’s shipping services already help preserve your good repute, the company also offers brand protection services. Many people are reluctant to sign up on a large marketplace because they do not want to lose brand control. Amazon takes care of that as well.

It has a policy of not penalizing unauthorized sellers. Now it has launched many programs that assist brand owners and agents in retailing control. These services include Brand Gating, Project Zero, Transparency Program, and Brand Registry. Precisely, the company is working to control and contain counterfeit entities and prevent any fraud in this regard.

Enables Diversification

If the above arguments cannot convince you, just remember that consumer spending is expected to grow by 18 percent while that of conventional stores is projected to decline by 14 percent. So, eventually, you will be compelled to open an online store. What platform can be better than the one whose reputation and space in the commerce arena is growing every day?

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