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The Most Important Facebook Marketing Metrics That You Should Track

The Most Important Facebook Marketing Metrics That You Should Track

Did you know 86% of marketers in the United States are using Facebook for advertising?

For small business owners, social media marketing can be tricky. There are many factors to keep in mind when promoting your business on social media.

To market your business on Facebook, you must track certain key metrics. These metrics are essential to identifying what methods are driving traffic to your website and increasing leads.

This article will explain the most important Facebook marketing metrics that you should track for your business.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The CTR is one of the most basic and important metrics to track for Facebook marketing. This figure tells you how many users clicked on your ad out of the total number of people who saw it. If your CTR is low, then there’s a good chance that your ads aren’t performing well and need some improvement.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

The CPA tells you how much each conversion costs on average. This includes both paid and organic conversions.

The lower your CPA, the better your ads are performing. The better the performance, the more likely they are to be profitable over time if you keep spending money on your marketing efforts to drive more conversions.

Engagement Rate

This is another easy one. Simply divide the number of comments by the number of likes on a post to get an idea of the engagement rate.

Engagement rate tells you how many people are talking about your killer content and if it’s negative or positive. A high engagement rate means people are responding well to what you’re posting; a low engagement rate means people aren’t engaging with what you post at all or just not commenting.

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Page Likes

This is the easiest and most important metric you should be tracking. The more likes you get on your page, the more people will see your posts. And when people see your posts in their News Feeds, they’re more likely to engage with them, which boosts your organic reach even higher.

Post Reach

Reach tells you how many people saw your posts in their news feeds. It’s an important metric for measuring engagement because it gives you a sense of whether people are seeing what you’re posting on their Facebook feeds. If your reach is low, it might mean that people aren’t engaging with your content, so you need to try different tactics to boost engagement with your audience.


The easiest way for you to determine if your ad is working is by tracking conversions. This will help keep your spending under control and make more informed decisions about where to invest your time and money in future campaigns so you can see results faster and more efficiently.

Facebook Marketing Metrics: This Is How to Track Your Marketing Efforts

It’s beyond valuable to know what’s going on with your Facebook page, but it’s even better to make informed decisions based on that information.

The Facebook marketing metrics listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. There will probably be additional ones you want to track based on your situation.

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