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Address Standardization Vs. Verification: Why They Matter

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As a business owner, you know that a minor mistake can incur major costs. That’s why you prioritize precision and accuracy at every step. Still, if you work in a client-facing field, as most businesses do, there are certain elements of the fulfillment process that may be out of your control. When a customer orders a product for delivery and enters their address, for example, you cannot guarantee that they will enter their own address correctly. How can you bridge the gap between inaccurate information from clients and the clean, accurate data you need? Batch address verification software is one of the most promising solutions and one of the best investments you can make.

Clean & High-Quality Data

Although your clients may neglect to double-check the information they provide, there is a way to ensure accuracy. Address verification software is designed to quickly and stringently prune customer data to verify and standardize addresses. When you’re dealing with massive amounts of customer data, correcting each entry manually is cost-prohibitive and exhausting, but a verification tool that does this works automatically and completes millions of verifications in just a few seconds. The result is an archive of clean, high-quality data for all of your leads and clients.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, high-quality data is imperative. In addition to facilitating a better user experience, clean data can improve your company’s security, too. If you are reaching out to clients or relaying order information, you need to make sure that your communications are routed to the right recipient. You don’t want to send a delivery update to anybody other than your client. This could constitute a breach of privacy, which in turn could become a liability. Verifying client data helps protect you from risks like this.

Precise Location

Address verification is a valuable tool for businesses, but standardization is even more helpful. What is address standardization, and how can it improve your business’s customer service? Address standardization refers to the practice of reformatting address data in accordance with the guidelines of the USPS. It can be used to correct misspelled words, add a ZIP+4 code, or reorganize lines of text for better readability. All of these revisions ultimately improve the quality of the data, and if the address is used for order fulfillment, improve the deliverability of the product.

A tool like Batch Data can be used to do all of this and identify the precise location of an address, too. Even with verification and standardization, address data isn’t always the most reliable for delivery and location purposes. Additional measures such as geocoding can dramatically improve precision and minimize the likelihood of errors due to address inaccuracies. Geocoding is done by converting addresses and other location information into a set of geographic coordinates. Geographic coordinates can then be used to improve delivery precision and data quality.

Invest in the quality of your company’s data by verifying and standardizing addresses. With better data, you can improve customer service and boost your profits, too.

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