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5 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Ways of Doing Business

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We live in a world ruled by technology and there is a new advancement every day. Today, we will look at a few emerging technologies that will change ways of doing business. Let’s begin!

Impact of Emerging Technologies on Business

Digital Business Cards

Let us start with something basic like a business card. We all know that a business card is one of the most basic tools of marketing. Digital business cards have been around for a while now. A digital business card is nothing but a virtual version of the traditional paper card and so is sometimes also referred to as a virtual business card.

A digital business card holds a lot of benefits over traditional paper cards. To begin with, one of the most important benefits is saving money. When you opt for a virtual business card, save on unnecessary spendings like printing and reprinting cards. Once designed, you can easily edit a digital business card without having to spend again.

There is no limit to the information you can add to a digital card, you can add not just your contact information but also images and videos to your card. You can add links to your website or even social media handles. Apart from that, accessing these cards is very easy as you can share them on any digital platform.

3D Printing

3D printing is another technology that is out there for a while now. It is a technology in which objects can be printed in 3D with the help of a 3D printer. In the printing process, the object is printed in horizontal layers one by one until the entire object is printed. One can see the thin horizontal layers during the printing process.

When we talk about business, this technology helps fulfil the demand for certain parts as it renders businesses exactly what they wish for without spending a lot of money and storing parts. The health and aviation industry is already using 3D printing in many applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) or some may say machine learning are terms that everyone knows about. These technologies have been developing for quite a while now and are still developing. Although this technology has not yet completely come out, it will surely do in the future and it will be all around.

Artificial intelligence’s role in business is yet to be fully discovered. However, it is mainly going to be based on a human to robot interaction, and things related to it. If we think about it, artificial intelligence is in practice even today, the chatbots that we come across on every other website are nothing but AI.

Chatbots are something very basic and more sophisticated AI systems will offer a lot more. The algorithms used for AI are capable of learning from minimum human instructions and function as desired. When fully developed this system will be able to carry out and comprehend all complex tasks that humans find very difficult to do.


We all know how every other person is involved or attracted to cryptocurrency these days. Blockchain is one of the main integral parts of the cryptosystem. A blockchain is nothing but a system in which there are a series of blocks that hold records of transactions made by the user.

Blockchain is something that enables you to carry out transactions without a third party involvement and hence rendering transparency. Many studies show that in the time to come blockchain technology and digital currency may be used in a number of ways that we don’t know yet. Learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency by investing in an online fintech course.

Virtual & Augmented Realities

Virtual reality is one of the most amazing forms of technology which is out there. This technology does not only have a number of benefits but is fascinating to look at. Many of you must have watched Iron Man use augmented reality in the Marvel movies, the way he just uses his systems in the air is nothing but augmented reality.

When we talk about business, these technologies render a real-time experience with products before they make a purchase. Customers always need to be certain about what they are purchasing, and these technologies are the best ways to make them certain. So, as customers are happy it helps your brand grow and boosts sales. This technology is not yet fully out there in the market but will surely emerge soon.

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