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3 of the Fastest Growing Tech Trends of the 2020s

Fastest Growing Tech Trends

Technology moves fast. As it moves, it grows, evolves, and transforms. In the New 20s, some trending technology has stood out from the crowd to show it’s here to stay. This is a look at three of the fastest-growing tech trends of the 2020s.

Fastest Growing Tech Trends

1. DeFi – Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance, or DeFI, offers an entirely new system of opportunities, platforms, and means of doing things for individuals and businesses. With a far greater focus on leveraging technology than traditional financial systems, DeFi promises a trustless and fully, or mostly, decentralized financial infrastructure.

The main path that DeFi takes toward financial decentralization is with blockchain technology. Imagine financial services without the unnecessary intermediary or overly controlling central authorities, and that’s what DeFi strives to make a reality. Decentralization levels the playing field and offers equitable solutions for anyone with an internet connection.

Throughout the New 20s, DeFi has grown in use and recognition. The blockchain and smart contract technology powering DeFi apps and transactions has grown with it. Right now, you can lend, borrow, trade, and do financial business without stepping foot into a bank or another financial institution, nor can those institutions gatekeep you.

Much of the DeFi space comes courtesy of the Ethereum blockchain, which is where a lot of the DeFi action happens. DeFi offers a plethora of opportunities and platforms. And, it’s obvious that its growth through the 2020s only represents the beginning of what it can eventually become.

2. BioTech – The Revolution in Healthcare

Biotech isn’t new, but the rapid pace of technological growth across the board also applies to biotechnology. From the start of the New 20s to now, you’ve probably heard a lot of news about Biotech, Biotech innovations, and how new technological advances in other sectors have seen use in Biotech as well.

Understand that biotechnology isn’t a single thing or single type of technology. Whenever engineering sciences and natural sciences work together, you get biotech. A large swathe of technology falls under the umbrella of Biotech. One example comes from gene editing. Did you even know it’s possible to literally edit genes? This type of biotech sits at the forefront of treating a variety of illnesses, especially genetic diseases.

Biotech has current and future applications for things like reducing environmental waste, agricultural innovation, 3D printing artificial tissue, creating renewable energy sources from biological materials and waste, and a plethora of other uses. The faster this technology grows, the better for the world, the people on it, and investors.

3. AI – Artificial Intelligence – The Future is Smart

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the large elephant in the room when it comes to the fastest-growing tech trends of the New 20s. AI has gone from the predictions cast by formulas used in data analysis to extremely versatile human intelligence simulations that can speak, compute, and crunch data at remarkable speeds.

You may have never given a thought to AI, but right now it’s living on all your devices, in all your software, and it’s all the talk. Going forward, AI will become ubiquitous and that’s not hard to see because it’s already happening.

The greatest benefit of current AI systems comes from their ability to take natural language, parse it, predict the next step beyond it, and perform tasks based on the input. Sounds simple when written in a sentence, but AI can power entire businesses and automate the work of entire workforces.

AI promises a full paradigm shift and the major businesses behind AI and the large language models that feed them have thrown billions of dollars at making those promises occur sooner than later. Self-driving cars, virtual assistants, facial recognition technology, and a host of other products and services depend on AI.

As the New 20s march on, these technologies have shown they’re in it for the long run. As things evolve, what’s trending now may become something completely different. Still, these are the growing tech trends so far. Take some time to familiarize yourself with them.

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