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How Can I send Documents Securely for Free

How Can I send Documents Securely for Free

How to perform secure file sharing when using the Internet? This is especially true with strangers (partners or customers). It needs to be done without complications, safely and quickly. It is enough to use special services or applications. They can adapt to cloud storage, but not always. During transmission, documents are encrypted. Therefore, hackers cannot get access to them. 

Secure Use of Email When Sending Secure Documents

When using file sharing software, the security of digital assets is ensured. They need to be protected from leakage and attack by intruders. There are four options:

  • e-mail encryption;
  • attachment protection;
  • electronic signature software;
  • strong password.

When using special services, you need to combine these mechanisms. When choosing a platform, you should pay attention to the availability of additional features. But password protection does not apply to every document that is to be sent. To maintain confidentiality, end-to-end encryption is required. It is not necessary to worry about it anymore.

Restrictions on file size should be removed in cloud storage. In this case, it is easy to synchronize documents. To protect emails, you don’t just use encryption as a standard feature. It also requires open source code. 

There are separate applications for cell phones. When they are installed, hacking the system is impossible. Sent messages disappear after a certain time. It is considered an ideal solution for conversations that, for whatever reason, you do not want to leave on record. 

There is other information that concerns sending documents by email. In large companies, the number of such dispatches runs into the tens of thousands. The document may contain personal information. For example, it could be the bank account number of the company or its client. Besides the wrong recipient’s address, there is also the risk that a malicious user intercepts the email. Don’t overestimate two-factor authentication when entering your inbox. It can help you to secure your data and prevent you from unexpected expenses.

Tips for Sending Email Safely

You should check the text for errors before sending it. In addition to the standard password, a long phrase can be used to log in. Using two-factor authentication prevents intruders from logging in. You should check your security and privacy settings periodically. 

You do not need to send documents that contain personal information over a public network. It is better to use encrypted messages for this purpose. You need a special email platform to send business emails if it is necessary for you.

Benefits of Using File Sharing Software

Difficulties arise when you transfer a large number of secure documents. For example, a set of photos or a design project. Files can be transferred to the cloud for secure storage. In this case, there is no need to separately manage access. There are three advantages.

  1. A fast document set delivery. The size is up to 100 GB. If it is necessary, the sender shares a link for downloading. 
  2. It is possible to verify that the delivery has taken place. For example, with the corresponding notification. For protection, it is necessary to use a password. 
  3. The counterparty is strongly impressed. The sender chooses a suitable background image, chooses a logo, and sets up the transfer page.

With paid or free services, you can share large files. After sending, recipients will be able to edit them. The latter do not need an account. Delivery is confirmed with notifications. The sender knows how many times the sent file has been opened. 

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