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How to make a free intro maker without a watermark

Usually, most of the intro creators available in the market are paid, or they come with a watermark. But there are even some that are completely free and don’t have a watermark. Therefore, any kind of intro maker is a good way to create consistent video content.

The best thing about free intro making is that it helps users in branding their channel. However, the passion lies in making the intros minimalistic and short because no one likes watching long and amateurish graphics. Even YouTube, the most popular social media platform, uses short intros for its videos.

With the free intro maker, one can create simple and short intros via online templates. Users do not need to use additional software or learn design skills. They can finish the video intro in just a few minutes.

Create Your Intro Now with Following Steps

Your first step in creating an intro without a watermark is to choose a free intro maker that is very easy to use. The customization options available with this tool can help you create really interesting and entertaining intros.

Always leave an unforgettable impression. This will make your audience watch your video every time you post it or upload it on YouTube.

But another thing to consider here is choosing a free intro maker with a simple user interface. The one that comes with a web interface will give its users the flexibility to get a free preview.

Once you’ve exported and downloaded your finale and completed the intro to your computer, you’ll be ready to add the same to your video production using any video editing tool.

The steps you have to follow in creating an intro without a watermark are:

Step 1: Exploring the Intro Template

Once you’ve selected a free intro maker for your work, your next step is to explore video designs and choose the one that best fits your message or logo. Here you don’t have to worry about the color as it can be easily changed in the following steps.

You will get different styles and themes with your intro maker. These can range from modern, urban, and classic to cult movie-inspired, minimalist, and graffiti.

Step 2: Selecting Text or Logo

The animations available with the good quality intro maker are specially designed for use with text and logo input. The only thing you need to do is find and select the option that says Add My Text or Add My Logo.

Step 3: Choose Your Video Length

Remember, if you are making a professional introductory video, then it should be short and simple. Your intro will be watched millions of times, and therefore you have to make sure that it is not too long.

The majority of free intro creators available in the market offer 3, 5, and 8 second video durations. This length is perfect for opening videos and to keep viewers engaged.

Step 4: Adjust Music & Colors

It’s time to bring your video content to life with customized colors. You will find a color slider with the intro builder. All you need to do is move the slider to change the color of the entire introduction. The color for the text can also be set very easily.

The free intro maker available in the market also comes with a unique selection of music. So you have the option to choose a great soundtrack for your video. These may include smooth jazz, break dubs, and mellow synths. You can magically insert music into your videos.

Step 5: Get Video Preview

When there is a certain product, it needs an owner. Once you sign up for a video preview, the preview is automatically processed and appears in your intro maker account within a few minutes.

As a user, you get the option to preview as many videos as you want. And yes, you also get the chance to try out different colors and layouts at no cost.

Step 6: Download Video Intro

You If you are satisfied with your video preview, export and download the same in very sharp video resolution. The free intro maker available online offers several video resolutions at a pay-as-you-go rate. You can even find the intro in 4k resolution.

Top Free Intro Maker without Watermark

For those who want to create an intro without a watermark, we recommend that you follow the program detailed below. This will help you create introductions for online videos without a watermark.


It is considered to be the best free intro maker without watermark mainly because it comes with a very intuitive interface that allows users to create clips in just a few minutes. This tool is perfect for beginners, thanks to its intro templates. With one click, you can resize or trim or crop the intro. Overall, this free intro maker will help you create stylish content without any hassle.


This program is more than just a free photo editing app. This application service is quite confusing when used to make professional video introductions. It works great for YouTube while allowing its users to create intros without spending a lot of time.

The best thing about this intro maker is that you don’t need to download it. Just edit the selected free intro template on the web and start the intro video creation process.

Mastering the use of this free intro maker is an easy and fast procedure. You can make beautiful introductions and grab the attention of viewers. The tool is compatible with both Android and iOS allowing users to work from almost anywhere without going through any issues.

An exclusive aspect of this intro maker is that apart from helping users learn the right way to make video intros easy and free, it even comes with a gallery of different types of audio and animated graphics. So you get the option to add audio to your video introduction. This will make your video more attractive to viewers.


In conclusion, the apps mentioned above can help you in creating intros without any complications. You can also sue them for making the best quality outros.

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