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Why You Should Power Your EV With Solar Power

Power Your EV With Solar Power

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular with car buyers. If you’ve jumped onto the trend, finding ways to get the most out of your new auto will add to your enjoyment. Whether you purchased an EV to save money long-term, to lessen your carbon footprint, or for a combination of the two, there are several great reasons to search for “solar installers near me” so you can charge your vehicle with solar power.

Additional Saving on Cost

If you bought an electric vehicle to save on fuel costs, you’ll maximize that savings benefit if you charge your car with solar energy. Rather than simply trading gasoline purchases for added electricity purchases, making the switch to solar when you get an EV cuts your energy costs significantly.

Not only is your cost-per-charge lower when you use solar power, but installing this type of energy system in your home frequently puts extra money in your pocket. Federal, state, and local tax credits are often available when you add panels to your home, and other incentives and rebates may also apply. In some areas, you may even be eligible for net metering programs, wherein your municipal electricity supplier buys back excess power generated by your home system.

Doing Something Great for the Environment

Minimizing your negative impact on the climate was likely a key factor in your decision to buy an EV. If so, you may have wondered about how you could get the biggest benefit out of that choice. To that end, solar companies in Dallas are ready to show you how the switch to solar is the best move you can make for the environment.

While reducing consumer reliance on oil and gas goes a long way, cutting out gas- and coal-generated energy use is the ultimate step in sustainability. Professionally installed solar power eliminates the need for nonrenewable energy, making it one of the only ways for homeowners to create a significant positive impact on climate change.

Ease of Bundling Energy Systems

Charging your EV at home is much more convenient than relying on public charging stations. This is especially true if your community hasn’t adapted sufficiently to the growing electric vehicle trend and there aren’t a lot of options nearby. However, you can’t just plug your EV into any socket. In most cases, it’s necessary to install a dedicated outlet at home.

Adding a household solar panel system at the same time you get your EV charger simplifies the process. One team manages the entire installation, making outfitting your home with solar power both time- and cost-efficient.

Now that you know some of the benefits of powering your electric vehicle with solar energy, it’s time to contact a top installation team in your area. Start by searching for the best providers for solar panels in Dallas, and choose a company that offers free estimates and a long-term warranty so your investment is protected. Then get ready to get the most out of owning an EV that’s powered by the sun!

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