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7 Tablet Accessories You’ll Want and Need

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Whether you want to continue working from home, looking for an alternative to a laptop, or want to get something fun, tablets are becoming the new computers. They are lightweight, portable, and easy to use. With new chip technology, many tablets can work as well, and sometimes even better than a traditional laptop. Now that you’ve found the perfect tablet, it’s time to look into tablet accessories. The goal of tablet accessories is to make using your tablet easier and more fun. From cases to styluses, you can find an accessory that will enhance everything your tablet does.

There are a lot of accessories out there to pick from, how will you know where to start? If you want to bring your tablet to the next level, keep reading for seven awesome tablet accessories.

1. Bluetooth Keyboards are a Must Have

Your tablet already comes with a keyboard built into it, but it can be frustrating to sacrifice half the space on the screen for a keyboard. Sometimes, it feels easier to type on a physical keyboard.

Many people already own a keyboard case that connects to their tablets. The downfall of keyboard cases is that the oils on your hands can stick to the keys. When you close the case, the keyboard touches the screen and leaves behind marks.

If you want to avoid your screen getting dirty, purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard is the perfect solution. Keeping these keyboards separate from your tablet helps keep your tablet clean. Many Bluetooth keyboards will also have the satisfying clickity sound traditional keyboards make.

Tablets are slender and lightweight. Bluetooth keyboards are also thin, lightweight, and can go anywhere with you. Rechargeable or battery-operated Bluetooth keyboards make usage easy.

Bluetooth keyboards come in different colors, styles, lengths, and thicknesses. This is one of the best aspects of tablet accessories of 2021 because you can find a keyboard for every user. From kids to adults, there’s a Bluetooth keyboard for everyone.

2. Styluses Make Creativity Easy

With an influx of creative apps for your tablet, it should come as no surprise that more creatives are moving towards purchasing the best tablets instead of laptops. There is little difference in processors and it can be easier to create on the go. From professionals to hobbyists, a tablet stylus can make your life easier.

Styluses are being created with advanced technology that mimics a real pencil. As the weight of your hand shifts, so does the thickness of the line you are drawing. There are traditional rubber tip styluses or more advanced styluses you can pick from depending on your needs.

If you are using the stylus for professional-level drawings, an advanced stylus is the better option. These styluses will have technology that connects with your tablet. They will also be more durable and rechargeable.

Styluses also pair well with tablets that use EVO technology. This technology keeps tablets running faster for longer with great graphics. You can visit Lenovo for more details about how EVO technology can make your life easier.

When purchasing a stylus, it’s also recommended to get a case to store it! Many tablets don’t have an area where you can store your stylus. Getting a case will help keep it safe when you aren’t using it and help prevent it from getting lost.

3. A Sleek Tablet Stand

Many people develop “tech neck” as a result of their technology usage. Tech neck is caused when the muscles in your neck spend long periods looking down at their phones, computers, and tablets. This pain can range from general soreness to pinched nerves.

To help avoid tech neck and other health issues that can come with using a tablet, getting a tablet stand can help. Tablet stands can be mounted on a wall, table, or be portable so you can use them on the go. You can adjust the tablet stand to sit at a better height so you aren’t straining your neck to look at your tablet.

If you are using your tablet for drawing or designing, you can buy tablet stands made for sketching. These stands have a spot for your tablet to sit securely. Between the portable handle, storage space for your pen, and room for a charging port, this stand will let you create on the go.

The ability for a tablet stands to keep your tablet at eye level to help reduce pain is what makes it one of the best tablet accessories on the market.

4. Durable Folding Cases

After spending money on a tablet, you need to protect it against anything that might happen. Heavy-duty cases will provide the best protection, but they can be bulky and make using your tablet frustrating.

Folding cases are a durable option that maintains the sleek, modern look tablets have. Your tablet will click into place and the smart cover will fold over the screen. This protects the screen and turns off your tablet when you aren’t using it.

These tablet accessories can also double as a tablet stand. Many folding cases can also fold into a triangle stand to give your tablet lift. Even a little bit of extra elevation can reduce neck strain.

The most common folding cases will come in greys, blacks, and neutral tones because those colors can have a techier feel. But, the great thing about cases is you can explore your style with them. You can get cases in a variety of colors and patterns, and some cases come with extra accessories in the same style.

5. The Value of a Screen Protector

If you’ve ever owned a touch screen device, you know accidents can happen. Drops and spills can damage your tablet and make it difficult to use. Cases are a great way to start, but if you want to avoid costly repairs, screen protectors are a must-have.

Laminated tempered glass screen protectors feel like your original tablet screen. But, you get an added layer of protection. For example, if you drop your tablet and the screen cracks, you can replace the screen protector instead of having to get the tablet repaired or replaced.

These tablet accessories can get expensive, but it’s a good investment. When you’re getting the best tablets, you want them to last. Screen protectors will improve the longevity of your tablet by keeping them safe against drops and spills.

For creatives, you can get screen protectors that feel like paper. It can make drawing or writing with a stylus on your tablet feel more natural. A tempered glass screen protector will still be the strongest option you can buy, but a paper textured screen protector is a great solution if you are looking for a more natural feel.

6. Keep Going With a Power Bank

We all hate that feeling when we are in the middle of a good book, an important email, or a cool video and our tablet runs out of battery power. Tablet batteries can last up to eight hours, and technology improvements are constantly making tablets last for longer periods. But, the battery can still die when you’re in the middle of something important and there isn’t always a wall plug nearby.

This is why power banks are some of the best tablet accessories on the market. One power bank can charge many devices, so you can keep your phone battery full too.

Power banks will need to be charged before you leave the house. They are a great accessory if you like to travel or go camping with your tablet.

Power banks come in a range of sizes. Power Banks that hold more energy are generally bigger. Even bigger power banks will fit comfortably in your bag.

7. External Hard Drives

Everyone who has been using technology to create important files understands that you need to back up your information. Tablets only have so much space and that space can run out quickly. Glitches can also cause data loss.

External hard drives for tablets have become available as tablets have gotten more popular. Hard drives are wireless and easy to use. You just have to plug them in and transfer the data.

Backing up your data can make the difference between recreating an entire project and making adjustments to an old file. You can clear information from your tablet once it’s on the hard drive. Clearing up space can help your tablet run faster and last longer.

Hard drives are durable tools that can make your life easier, but they still need protection. It’s recommended when you buy a hard drive to also get a case for it so you can protect everything on it when it’s not in use.

Buy the Perfect Tablet Accessories for You Today!

Now that you know about the different tablet accessories on the market that can take your tablet to the next level, it’s time to go out and get them! Your tablet is a great piece of technology that can make your life easier. Help your tablet last longer, look awesome, and stay safe with the accessories on this list.

If you liked this article and want to learn more about how you can take advantage of the latest technology trends, check out the rest of our blog.

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