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Top 10 Companies Looking For Cybersecurity Experts

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According to the Indeed report, the imbalance in demand and supply means that cybersecurity professionals choose high-paying jobs and lucrative salaries. “One possibility for employers is increased investments, whether in the current workforce or future hires on education, and training to train people to take on these positions,” Culbertson said.

This week, Indeed released a list of the most reputable US businesses with security jobs open. The companies on the list were highly rated for employees’ overall experience among companies that had at minimum 20 job ads for cybersecurity positions from October 2021 through December 2021.

Here are the top 10 Indeed US firms that hire Cyber Security Masters.

1. Apple

One of the most prominent positions is that Apple has encountered notable cyber attacks and a variety of fights concerning privacy and security effects of encryption and iOS. Most recently, the New York district attorney’s request to the company go back to operating systems, making it more straightforward for law enforcement officers to obtain information. Apple may have hired more cybersecurity experts to keep bolstering its efforts in these areas and safeguarding the privacy of users’ data.

2. Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Financial institutions tend to be targeted less than institutions with less shaky systems like hospitals and schools. But it’s crucial to be vigilant in protecting information about financial transactions and money and financial data.

3. Patient First

Patient First medical centers are found across the nation in the third spot. Healthcare facilities are particularly susceptible to cyber-attacks like ransomware, so it is only natural to add personnel in this field.

4. Lockheed Martin

International security and aerospace firm Lockheed Martin employs approximately 97,000 individuals across the globe. As it’s involved in the study, development, manufacture, and integration of high-tech products and systems, it is adding additional positions in cybersecurity to safeguard its offerings.

5. General Motors

General Motors has made various steps in the connected car and autonomous car space over the last year. The company invested $500 million in Lyft to develop initiatives for creating a driverless fleet and bought Cruise Automation as part of its Autonomous Vehicle Development Team. Autonomous and connected vehicles are huge security dangers to the users, so it is likely to expand the number of employees in this area to tackle these issues.

6. Capital One

In recent times, Capital One has made significant investments in emerging technology, including big data and software projects that require cybersecurity experts to ensure that the data is secure. Also, it holds large volumes of financial information of customers.

7. Cisco

Cisco has disclosed that cyberattacks are growing more powerful, and it has a range of cybersecurity initiatives and products in place. As they keep investigating the subject, it is only natural to increase the number of their employees to enhance their research and products.

8. Intel

As Intel advances towards the Internet of Things (IoT) space by introducing various new devices and chips, it is apparent that it’s looking to strengthen its security personnel to prevent the devices from being compromised.

9. Northrop Grumman

The global security firm Northrop Grumman provides systems and products for commercial and government customers. The company is a leader in studies on identity management and cloud security, and supply chain management and is expected to increase its personnel to ensure that its high-profile systems are secure.

10. Boeing

Aircraft maker Boeing is testing the use of new technology. Recently, it joined forces together with Microsoft to utilize Microsoft’s AI and extensive data analysis tools to increase the efficiency of its operations. Boeing collaborates with APX Labs and uses its Skylight platform to connect directly with the manufacturing process and follow instructions for work using wearable devices. So, the company will require updated security capabilities to ensure that these devices are functioning.

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