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Touchscreens in the Industry

Touchscreens in the Industry

With a user-friendly interface, Touch technology greatly simplifies communication between the operator and the machine. With touchscreens, industrial applications run faster, are simpler and easier to maintain, and help you efficiently organize workflow without requiring a long time for mastering by service personnel. So, what should be an industrial touchscreen display?

Go to Downtime Thanks to the Reliability

Responsible manufacturers such as Beetronics guarantee a high level of reliability and non-failure operation of a product. Such human-machine interface panels are durable and strong, eliminating downtime and guaranteeing a trouble-free production process.

  • Industrial touch screens allow efficient control and maintenance of machines
  • Touchscreens are integrated into machines or found in industrial computers to transmit data through distributed systems
  • The reliability of touchscreens is an integral part of the production chain.

1.  Scratches are not Terrible

Heavy industry, as well as some consumer goods industries, require extremely rugged screens that can handle harsh environments and require gentle handling. Dirt and dust are everywhere, so a scratch-resistant and durable screen surface are essential. While many resistive touchscreens become defective quickly, there are touchscreens offered with patented ULTRA technology that performs flawlessly even when scuffs are present.

In the automotive and other industries, production areas are relatively clean, but they require the touchscreen to be durable and resistant to mechanical impacts in order to avoid damage from objects and tools accidentally dropped during a production process. The above-mentioned monitors are ultra-durable thanks to the borosilicate glass surface. You can be sure that the screen will not fail in unforeseen situations.

2.    Feels Through the Glove

Interference from other devices does not affect the performance of industrial touchscreens, as they have such a high level of EMV tolerance. So, they are even used in sensitive military equipment. An equally important criterion when choosing a device for industrial applications is the ease of operation with the touch of a finger, gloved hand, or stylus. For safety reasons when working under high voltage or in sterile conditions — the use of gloves is necessary, and the technology allows screens to be serviced in this way.

3.  Moisture and Chemical Exposure are not Terrible too

Leading manufacturers offer the full range of capacitive technology advantages:

  • insensitivity to moisture
  • temperature extremes
  • chemicals ensure the reliability of a touchscreen

The chemical and food industries require a chemical-resistant surface for touch screens. The glass surface of ULTRA touchscreens doesn’t interact in direct contact with acids and other chemicals in the manufacturing process. Cleaners and disinfectants also have no effect. For manufacturers of consumer goods, this factor is extremely important.

Some industries have additional requirements for touchscreens, such as moisture and temperature insensitivity. ULTRA touchscreens are even suitable for use in the fish industry, which uses steam to clean surfaces, as the micro glass surface seals the screen against moisture penetration.

Features of Street Monitors

Some industries require the installation of monitors and touchscreens not only in the room but also in the open air. So, for example, the advertising and media industry constantly uses this type of monitor.

To solve the problem of placing advertising and information open-air displays, there are specialized moisture-protective LCD monitors with a range of temperatures from -35° to +50° C.

Moisture-proof advertising monitors are designed for use at:

  • gas stations
  • open areas of restaurants, discos, and parks
  • payment terminals
  • information and advertising displays
  • security systems

Street advertising monitors are equipped with a special anti-bearing hot glass with a reflection coefficient of 10 times less than the usual one. This can significantly improve the perception of information and advertising materials, especially in bright sunlight.

1. Special Connectors for all-Weather Monitors

Street all-weather monitors work perfectly with any lighting level thanks to the unique technology. The basis is the use of sunlight falling on the screen to enhance the brightness. The falling light passes through the LCD cells of the matrix and is reflected back, increasing the screen backlight. Moreover, the stronger the falling light, the brighter the monitor looks.

2. Temperature Control System

To protect the monitor from low temperatures and overheating, a special system is installed. It controls the temperature inside the box. If necessary, the system automatically activates heating or turns off the monitor for cooling, providing a normal inside temperature regime, regardless of external conditions.

3. Protection from Dust and Moisture

The operating conditions of street monitors are significantly different from the conditions for ordinary LCDs indoors. To protect against moisture and dust, the all-weather monitors have special buildings with the IP65 and IP67 protection classes.

The body protection class is set according to the IP classification and has a two-bit code. Corps manufacturers test the housings in accordance with the IEC 529 or EN 60529 standard. The table shows the Code of IP Conducted tests and the level of protection:

Test conditions
First number, solid protectionSecond number, liquid protection
0 — No protection0 — No protection
1 — Protection against ingress of objects up to 50 mm (touch by hand)1 — Protection against vertical drops
2 — Object penetration protection up to 12 mm (finger touch)2 — Protected against water splashes at an angle of 15 degrees
3 – From tools3 — Protected against water splashes at an angle of 60 degrees
4 — From small conductors4 — Splash proof at any angle
5 – Dust protection5 — Low pressure water jet protection
6 — Full dust protection6 — Protection against high water pressure
7 — Protection when immersed to a depth of one meter
8 – Protection for long-term high-pressure diving

Choice According to Need

Buying an industrial monitor must begin with an analysis of the conditions in which it will work. A touchscreen in a supermarket doesn’t need deep water protection, and a ship’s monitor doesn’t depend much on dust levels. On the Beetronics website, you can choose a gadget with a high degree of compliance with production requirements. Beetronics creates high quality monitors and touchscreens for a variety of use. Their display solutions can be found across different industries as the company provides high quality monitors and touchscreens solutions for everyone.

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