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Tracking QR Codes: Why Scanning Is the New Way of the World

tracking QR codes

One survey found that 46.81% of respondents believed using QR codes made life easier, especially in a COVID-19 world. However, QR code benefits don’t end with touchless media. They also offer invaluable marketing information through tracking QR codes.

In this article, we answer questions like, ‘what is a QR code,’ ‘what is a QR code vs a barcode,’ and more. Continue reading to find out how moving away from reading barcodes to reading QR codes can benefit your business.

What Is a QR Code?

A QR code is a type of graphic that possesses certain data when created. The data ranges from websites to tickets to apps and more. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, using QR codes has become more common for accessing information.

For example, restaurants find them more sanitary and environmentally friendly than handing out menus (reusable or disposable). They can also be used in other industries as well to provide marketing information or access to resources.

QR Code vs Bar Code

Reading barcodes is different from using QR codes. Reading barcodes is limited to a vertical orientation, which makes it more single-dimensional. In contrast, one of the QR code benefits is that it adds another dimension for data.

QR codes can be read horizontally and vertically. This allows them to contain more information. The right technology can help you to c# read barcode from image.

QR Code Benefits

While QR code benefits are obvious in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, their uses are much broader than social distancing alone. One of these QR code benefits is the small size of the code itself, especially when compared to URLs.

Additionally, what is a QR code if not a way to transform 2D marketing into 3D marketing? Print media such as newspaper ads and brochures no longer mean flat, boring content for potential clients. They’re also more actionable.

Finally, and potentially most importantly, tracking QR codes for marketing analytics is essential for business professionals. It allows them to see who is interacting with their content and how it performs overall.

Using QR Codes

Using QR codes and taking advantage of the QR code benefits is simple if you have a QR code generator. There are plenty of free applications that allow you to do this. Simply decide on your source material, then input the information into the generator.

Viewers can use most smartphone cameras to scan QR codes by holding them over the code for several seconds. They can also download applications that are meant for using QR codes. Tracking QR codes is immediately available.

Start Tracking QR Codes

The wide range of uses and QR code benefits can be a great way to offer engaging content in your business. Tracking QR codes is a great way to monitor marketing analytics as well. It’s simple to get started with a QR code generator.

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