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Windows Modules Installer Worker [May 2023]

windows modules installer worker

If you are using a Windows PC, then you all must know that Windows automatically gets updated. But very few people are familiar with the fact, how and why this happens. There are many people on the internet searching about What is a windows modules installer and what is the use of it.

In simple words, we can say it is nothing but a process. However, this process enables the automatic installation of the windows updates. For making your Windows bug-free, there is a reason that is, the windows modules installer worker which automatically updates windows.

What Do You Mean By Windows Modules Installer Worker?

According to its service description, this system process enables installation, modification, and removal of Windows updates and optional components.

Operating system updates automatically installed in Windows 10 via Windows Update. So in the background, this process is just like installing updates. However, the process will also need to do some work if you choose to uninstall an update or add or remove an optional Windows feature.

windows task manager

On the second Tuesday of every month, you can see Microsoft releases updates on Patch Tuesday. On other days they may also release updates, if necessary. If your computer has just downloaded new updates from Microsoft, then this process must be using a lot of CPU.

To install these updates, you may or may not have to restart your computer. You can continue using your PC while it installs the updates as Windows does a lot of updating work in the background.

Is it a virus or malware?

It is just a part of the windows itself and can use for the updates, and it is not a malware or virus. So there is no need to worry about this topic. With the help of a Windows defender or any antivirus, you can run any of the virus scans if you are worried about the same.

A dedicated antivirus like Bitdefender can also be a solution. Any future threats can be protected by it.

Can I Disable It?

Online you can see some bad advice. To prevent this from happening, you should recommend disabling the Windows Modules Installer system service. You do not have to do it as this will prevent Windows from installing updates properly.

windows update settings

To prevent Windows 10 from automatically downloading and installing any update others may recommend setting your network connection to metered. However, it will help to stop activating the Windows installer process.

Critical security updates can protect your computer from the malware that would not install, which exploited a bug patched two months before it released. We do not recommend you to avoid operating system updates as it can be dangerous.

You could install updates manually, as after a manual update the Windows Modules Installer Worker process will run. Allow the TiWorker.exe process to do its thing as it is the best. It is for your good to know how Windows installs updates.

How to Identify Windows Modules Installer Issues

There must be an installation issue if you have disabled, corrupted or installed incorrectly. You can effectively run your systems and software programs by recognizing the problems.

To identify the issues that are causing problems during, installation, uninstallation, or updating of programs you can use underwritten methods:-

1. Determine Malfunctioning Windows Installer Engine

Step1:- Press the start windows icon and then in the search box type “cmd“.

Step2:- Click “Run” and then in the dialogue type “cmd“. Keep in mind that this is for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Step3:- Then by pressing enter, you can open the Command Prompt.

Step4:- Now type MSIExec at the command prompt.

If the MSI engine is in a better running condition, then you won’t receive any error message. Just enter the text of the error message into a search engine to find troubleshooting information about the MSI issue, if ever you received an error message.

2. Enable The Status Of Windows Installer Service

Below we have given how to check the status of the Windows installer service:-

Step1:- Press the start Windows icon and then in the search box type ‘services.msc‘.

Step2:- Now press ‘Run‘ and type ‘services.msc‘ in the dialogue. Keep in mind that it is for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Step3:- Now by pressing enter, you can open ‘Services‘.

Step3:- Then right-click on the Windows Installer and then press “Properties”.

Step4:- If the Startup type box is ‘Disabled‘ then change the status to manual.

Step5:- Now by pressing ‘Ok‘ you can close the ‘Properties’ window.

Step6:- Now right-click the Windows Installer service and then press start. Now without any errors, you can start the service.

Step-7:- You can also take a chance to install the Windows installer service or uninstall it again.

3. Check The Windows Installer Version

You can upgrade the Windows Installer Version to the latest version of your PC version that is outdated. And this solution applies to Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2008 only.

4. Re-register The Windows Installer Engine

This method is only applicable to Windows XP and Windows Server 2000. Below we have mentioned how:-

Step1:- Firstly, click ‘Start‘ and then click ‘Run‘.

Step2:- Now on the search bar type ‘cmd‘ and press the ‘Command Prompt‘.

Step3:- After each line typing MSIExec /unregister and MSIExec /unregister press ‘Enter‘.

Step4:- Now you should attempt to install the Windows Installer or to uninstall again.

How to fix the Windows Modules Installer Worker issues?

Here are some of the solutions and workarounds to solve this issue.

1. Disable Automatic Windows Updates

Whenever on your PC Windows are checking for any of the upgrades this tool is running. So to solve this issue, you can disable merely disabling windows update automatically. You can follow all these steps to disable automatic Windows Update.

Step1:- Firstly press the Windows key with R on your system and visit “Run“.

Step2:- Type the services.msc and click ok for a search bar.


Step3:- Now you will get a search bar where you have to search for the “Windows Module Installer“.

Step4:- Double click on the “Windows Module Installer” and choose the manual.

windows update

Step5:- Now you have to find the Windows Update option and then right-click on it.

Step6:- Select the startup type that you want to disable.


Step7:- Click Ok

Step8:- Reboot your system.

For this issue, you can use this method, and this method usually works. But if this method does not work, then below we have shown some more solutions to solve this problem.

2. Run the windows update troubleshooter

You can solve this issue by directly running the windows update troubleshooter if tiworker.exe has some problems. Here are the steps.

Step1:- Firstly go to settings.

Step2:- Now select update & security.

Step3:- Choose to troubleshoot, and then Windows update on your system.

windows update troubleshooter

Step4:- Then select run the troubleshooter.

By the windows troubleshooter, you can fix any of the issues.

3. Set your internet to connect as a metered connection

This solution would be recommended by many people as this would not let the system take much of the internet consumption. There is a chance where usage of the CPU might stop.

Step1:- Firstly, go to the start, then settings, then network & internet, and then WiFi.

Step2:- Then select the advanced button option.

Set your internet

Step3:- Turn “ON” the set metered connection at the bottom.

Step4:- It is better to set the updates with them manually if you are working on an internet connection.

Are constant updates by the Windows Modules Installer Worker Loads on the CPU?

The constant updates by the Windows Modules Installer Worker can result in a high load on your CPU. Upgrades are set to install at night, and in Windows Os plays a preeminent role.

But sometimes at the time of night, the system turns off. At the time of day time or the time you are working, you can download and install the updates, and that’s the only solution for this.

What would be the best time for downloading these Windows Updates? Can it cause a high load on your CPU? For that question, my answer would be yes it can.

There are some cases like:-

If the resources are left, and you are living on some other part of the earth, and your Microsoft servers are functioning in a different time zone, then you can change it to the local timezone. The Windows Modules Installer Worker can stick to it.

There are also some rare cases like:-

The CPU, drives or the RAM, are loaded high by the TikWorker.exe.

Mainly this happens when the updates of the Windows 10 searched automatically or manually. Or even these things are installed. Servicing a laptop or PC can also occur in the same issue.

Below we have shown some ways to reduce the load on your system CPU.

Check Disk Drive Errors

Sometimes the high disk usage can be caused by disk drive errors. Whenever this error occurs the system becomes unresponsive, 99% of the usage continuously used by Disk or CPU. For checking the disk drive errors, Windows has a powerful and actively CHKDSK command-line utility.

This CHKDSK command line utility helps to check the errors. We can even try to force the CHKDSK to fix and examine the disk drive errors by adding some of the other foundations or parameters. And make sure that high disk usage problems do not cause by bad sectors, disk drive errors.

Then as an administrator open the command prompt(cmd) and then type the command CHKDSK c:/f/r/x and press enter key. Check on the next restart at the time of asking for the schedule disk check, press the “Y” key and Restart Windows.

The CHKDSK utility tries to repair the drive errors if found. Windows are going to restart automatically after the complete scan and the repair process. Now your system will be running smoothly if there are no higher Disk usage problems.

Run DISM command

Sometimes windows protection found corrupt files after checking system files that are enabled to fix. It means repair is missing with the corrupt files. Therefore, you have to run a DISM command to improve the system image and enable SFC.

Run SFC after running the DISM command to repair the missing system files. Now you have to restart the windows to give a fresh start. Make sure to check that there is no higher disk usage and 100% CPU usage.

How can you enable the Windows Module Installer?

If you want to know how to enable Windows Modules Installer or if you want to maintain your PC into the original one. Then follow these steps:-

Step1:- Firstly, go to the Task Manager and then go to services.

Step2:- Press on Open Services Button at the bottom.

Step2:- Right-click on the Windows Modules Installer Worker and visit properties.

Step3:- Now select an Automatic option in the Startup type field and then click Ok.

How to stop the Windows modules installer in windows 10?

There must be chances that the Windows module installer will be causing lots of trouble for your PC if your system is running on Windows 10. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stop the windows installer for windows 10. And if you try to perform this, then you have to update windows manually.

But sometimes it is better to disable it if your computer is getting slow. Below we are going to show you the steps of disabling the windows installer in your system.

Step1:- Firstly press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and visit the task manager.

Step2:- Now you have to find a windows module installer worker in the list of processes.

Step3:- Right-click on it and a new menu will appear on your screen. Here you have to select the options end task.

However, keep in mind that it can be a temporary solution because the windows installer will start again after restarting your PC. So if you want to disable it for permanent, then here are the steps to do that.

Step1:- Visit the task manager.

Step2:- Click on the option open services at the bottom.

open services

Step3:- Now you have to find the windows installer on the list.

windows installer

Step4:- Right-click on it and select its properties.


Step5:- Choose the disable option in the startup field and click ok.


So we have mentioned the entire process of how you can easily disable the windows modules installer on your PC. However, it keeps your data safe and secure from dangerous viruses. But If it’s slowing down your PC, then it is better to disable it. So try to check for the windows updates manually even after disabling the windows modules installer worker to keep your PC in up-to-date condition.

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