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7 Emotion Emojis to Send When You Are Upset (May 2024)

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Have you been getting upset lately? Feeling upset isn’t at all rare. In any case, frustration is a natural human reaction to loss and disappointment. Several teenagers feel tremendous anger as a result of a mental health problem, a traumatic life event, or the stress and expectations of teenage life. When dealing with prolonged stress, worry, and solitude, it is typical to display anger and irritability in such situations. Make yourself heard!


You may acquire perspective and uncover answers that you may not have been able to find on your own by communicating with others. If you are the sort of person who struggles with words, consider using emojis, such as the upside down smiling emoji or the sad face. Negative thoughts may impede daily tasks, disrupt sleep, and hinder us from living happy, healthy lives. So, here are seven emojis to express your emotions.

What Is Emoji?

Emoji is a tiny digital image or visual sign used in messaging, particularly in electronic communications, to represent an object, emotion, idea, etc. With its similarities to “emoticon,” “emoji” is a Japanese combination of two words: “e,” which means image, and “moji,” which means character.

1. Upside-down Face

There are instances when you want to be polite, but you cannot conceal your feelings. Let them know how you feel by sending them the emoji with the face turned upside down and smiling. We widely employed it to portray sarcasm and irony and embarrassment, annoyance, ambivalence, or startled frustration. At least you continue to smile, but sarcastically. If you cannot find this upside-down emoji on your phone, it may be in a different name. They sometimes referred to it as a sarcastic or cruel emoji.

2. Face Without Mouth

It depicts a face with wide eyes and no mouth. There is a vast range of possible interpretations, but the most popular ones are ones that express negative feelings like grief, disappointment, or dissatisfaction. This emoji may also indicate speechlessness, modesty, and stillness. Despite its ability to represent a variety of emotions, they often link the emoji with negative emotions. In the last five years, this emoji’s popularity has continued to climb.

3. Neutral Face

There are times when we feel blah, and the easiest way to portray our feelings is with a neutral expression emoji. The Neutral Face became part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and Emoji 1.0 in 2015. This emoji depicts a face with straight lips and wide eyes, displaying no particular emotion. People often used to convey feelings of boredom, apathy, or indifference. They often referred to this emoji as the Straight Face Emoji but are also occasionally referred to as the Poker Face Emoji.

4. Sad Face with a Tear

This emoji is among the most popular emojis of 2021, which indicates that 2021 was a fairly depressing year for some. The sad face emoji sheds one blue tear from one eye down the cheek, accompanied by arched eyebrows and a faint frown. This emoji is also known as the weeping emoji; however, it is distinct from the emoji depicting a face sobbing loudly. This emoji features a cat variation if you are a cat enthusiast. On Samsung devices and apps, this emoji features teary-eyed eyes.

5. Weary Face

Do you find yourself demotivated and worn out these days? Send them this emoji to express your feelings. This emoji portrays a sad expression with furrowed brows, closed eyes, and a downturned mouth that is now open. This Weary Face emoji has the same meaning as other emojis, like the tired Face emoji, but its eyes have a distinct form. Other people also used this expression to show weariness or discontent with the issue.

Face with Rolling Eyes

Someone did something so foolish that you don’t want to spend a single message responding? Use this face with rolling eyes emoji, then. Another technique to demonstrate disinterest is to roll your eyes, like saying the word ‘whatever.’ Other people use this emoji to express boredom, irritation, irritation, or dramatic effect. You will have no trouble identifying it. They also referred to this emoji as the Eye Roll emoji because the eyes that roll upwards have a facial expression you can recognize from a block away.

Confounded Face

This emoji depicts a face with X-shaped eyes and furrowed lips, weeping or attempting to suppress tears. Other platforms depict the Confounded Face in a somewhat distinct form. We may use this emoji when we are experiencing several unpleasant or low feelings. If you send this to a friend or relative, they will undoubtedly be there to assist you or soothe you in times of need. In 2010, as a part of Unicode 6.0 and Emoji 1.0, the confounded face emoji became a qualified emoji.


Whether positive or negative, putting your emotions into words is beneficial no matter how you feel. Talking about your emotions might make you feel closer to others who care about you. If you are an introvert who dislikes expressing yourself, emojis may be the greatest approach to expressing yourself.

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