Home Entertainment God Of High School Season 2: Release Date and Updates (May 2024)

God Of High School Season 2: Release Date and Updates (May 2024)

God Of High School Season 2: Release Date and Updates

Despite being a completely new anime, God of High School has become popular among otakus. This Crunchyroll original anime aired in 2020, and the Crunchyroll team wanted to create an action-packed martial arts anime. After watching the God of high school trailer and reading the reviews of the fans, we can safely say they’ve not failed to deliver what they wanted.

After having a successful season 1, fans are now waiting for a season 2, but the question is, will there be a God Of High School Season 2? when will it release? What is going to be its plot? Well, worry not, my friend, for I am here to answer all your questions and give all the knowledge available related to God OF High School Season 2.

Before I start with anything related to season 2, I would like to give you a brief synopsis of season 1 and information about the base storyline of the anime. So sit back and enjoy the article!

Director and Crew

ProducersJoseph Chou
Series Music byAlisa Okehazama
DirectorSunghoo Park
WriterYongje Park
Series Animation DepartmentSeong-Hu Park
Shoichi Funaki
Series Script and Continuity DepartmentAmanda Céline Miller
Briana Noelle Miller

God Of High School Cast

Main cast
Characters Voiced by
Jin MoriRobbie Daymond (english)
Tatsumaru Tachibana (japanese)
Nurse HealTara Sands
Gidong NahLandon McDonald
Jin Mori(episode 1)Go Inoue (japanese)
Tatsumaru Tachibana
Han DaewiSean Chiplock(english)
Kentarō Kumagai (Japanese)
Yu MiraTaylor, Veronica(english ) Ohashi, Ayaka (japanese)
Dewi HanSean Chiplock
Mira YooVeronica Taylor
Ayaka Ohashi(Japanese)
Park IlpyoGriffin Puatu
Koki Uchiyama(Japanese)
Park Seung-AhAllegra Clark(english)
Ayane Sakura(japanese)
Baek, Seung-ChulUchida, Yuya(japanese)
Park MujinDaisuke Namikawa
Daisuke Namikawa(Japanese)
Gang ManseokTomokazu Sugita


God of High School is about a 17-year-old main protagonist Jin Mo-Ri. He is a martial artist from the city of Seoul, South Korea. The storyline moves forward when Jin-Mo-Ri is invited to join a tournament organized by an unknown establishment.

The anime is based on a global martial arts competition where martial artists from around the world are invited and asked to join the tournament, and only the most skilful and resilient fighter is going to win it all. The shady part is that the participants don’t know about the organizers and their real intentions.

God Of High School Season 2: Release Confirmed?

God Of High School season 1 became one of the most popular anime series of 2020. Although it is a new anime, but the fan base and the acceptance it acquired are enormous. Not to forget the millions of views it has collectively from Crunchyroll and Muse Asia.

There will also be DVD releases, and if it gains good sales, there will surely be a season 2. Yonge Park’s Manhwa is quite popular by itself; thus, funding is not an issue; the revenue from the anime and its DVDs will be additional support. Therefore, we fans can stay positive about watching Season 2 soon!

But then again, there is no guaranteed assurance. We have seen time and again that many unpopular anime get their sequel, and much popular anime, despite their excellent performance, didn’t get any next season. Thus we can only hope for the best until there is an official announcement by Crunchyroll.

The Plot

Season 2 revolves around three characters and their combat adventures. The three characters are Mori Jin, Daewi Han, and Mira you.

The show’s three heroes participate in the Martial Arts tournaments held countrywide. And the winner of this tournament gets a wish for anything but the scenario changes when the competition progresses. Many dark secrets are gradually disclosed, and this simultaneously happens for both the protagonist and the antagonists

The First season has adapted to the National Arc. It ends on an exciting note; a critical plot point is ending, and we are about to study new concepts. Admittedly, the anime has distilled the plot, only keeping the primary thread. This exclusion may cause some problems in the sequel.

Season 2 of The God Of High School will start with “The Gods Arrival arc”.Gradually the show will unveil the Ragnarok saga, of which we can expect awesome combat and intense episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many anime episodes are there in God of High School season 2?

Some sources say God Of High School will have 13 episodes.

Is Jin Mori God?

In the last episode of God Of High School, Park Mujin made it clear that Jin Mori is unlikely to be a power borrower and is a God.

Does Jin Mori have Charyeok?

Yes, Jin Mori has Charyeok, the Monkey King’s deceased clone.

Who is Jin Mori’s grandfather?

Jin Taejin is Jin Mori’s grandfather and the sole master of Renewal Taekwondo. HE adopted Jin Mori and not his blood-related grandfather.

Who has the strongest Charyeok?

The Heavenly Firefox is the strongest Charyeok and is owned by Park Ilpyo.

What is the loop of binding in a god of high school?

The white metal loop is shaped like a hoop and resembles a crown. Floating above the wearer’s forehead, it can levitate. The loop manifests itself as one uses his divine or demonic powers, but it tightens the more he uses his powers.

How fast is Jin Mori?

His Max speed is 125 000 000 000x SoL

Final Words

This was all about God of High School season 2. This article has covered all the known information about season 2 of the anticipated anime. Although there are no official announcements for season 2, fans are very optimistic about its release. And if it does release, you’ll get to know about the plot and the cast here in the article. I hope this article was helpful to you, have a good day, ciao!


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