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Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything (May 2024)

Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date

The fan base Haikyuu has is crazy, and they are getting out of patience waiting for the most anticipated Haikyuu Season 5! Haikyuu! is a shonen-style anime with a realistic storyline and vivid characterizations. Thus, Haikyuu’s good script is the reason behind its massive success as a sports anime.

Worry not, my beloved Haikyuu fans, for I have some good news for you.

Jump Festa Expo, the grand event sponsored by Shueisha for anime and manga lovers is coming soon. We, anime lovers, will get some updates or even the release date confirmation of Haikyuu season 5.

Before I take you through a comprehensive reading experience of what is going to happen in season 5 and what are the other available pieces of information and leaks, I would want you to know Haikyuu that season 5 is not the end but a start of an intense and exciting new journey of this volleyball based sports anime.

So, Keep calm and enjoy the article.

Director and Other Crew

Developed byFurudate Haruichi
ProducersWakana Okamura, Toshihiro Maeda ,Fumi Morihiro Keiichi Tomura ,Shinya Shinozaki ,Tomoyuki Saitō , Kozue Kaneniwa , Yū Honda , Mayumi Kurashima , Shōichirō Taguchi .
Written byTaku Kishimoto
CinematographyYumiko Nakata
EditorsJunichi Uematsu
DirectorSusumu Mitsunaka

The Haikyuu Season 5 Probable Cast


The story starts with a middle school kid named “Shoyo Hinata ” getting besotted with volleyball after watching Karasuno High play the enthusiastic sport on tv. Unfortunately, nobody in his school was much interested in the sport, and thus he wasn’t happy about it; later on, by the end of middle school, he convinced some of his friends to build a team and compete in a Volleyball tournament.

With all his efforts and his teammates’ cooperation Hinata could not win the tournament and had a very bad defeat by the “king of the court”, Tobio Kageyama. This defeat put inside him a solid intention to defeat Tobio Kageyama and thus tries his best with his studies and gets admission to Karasuno High. The high school inspired him to play volleyball.

Shoyo Hinata joins the high school volleyball team only to learn that his rival Tobio Kageyama is on the same team, and now they have to play together as a team. The series is built well with emotions and exciting sports moments.

The fans have loved the four seasons of Haikyuu, and the story, along with the introduction of various characters throughout the time, has never failed their expectations from the series.

How did Season 4 End?

The last episode of Haikyuu season 4 was “The Promised Land”, where the second match of Spring Nationals takes place. The match is between Karasuno and Inarizaki High School teams. The episode clarifies that it is one of the most challenging matches Karasuno has ever played.

Inarizaki high school team were able to replicate the exact special quick attack, which was the strong game of Hinata and Kageyama.

Although the match was tiresome and difficult for Karasuno High, they managed to win the game. Season 4 presented the aftermath of the gameplay in the last episode, and the next upcoming match was against Nekoma High school, which is Karasuno’s long-time rival.

The last episode of season 4 aired in December 2020, and since then, there has been no official call for season five. The Haikyuu team has been convicted with delays several times, and season 4 itself aired 4 years after season three ended. Thus, we can always be hopeful for season 5.

When Will Haikyuu Season 5 Come Out?

The first season of Haikyuu was released in 2014, the second in 2015, and the third in 2016. Season 4 of Haikyuu was announced late in 2018, and the production team took more time to release it in 2020.

There has been no official announcement by Production I.G., the production house of Haikyuu. But fans became overwhelmed when the official Haikyuu English Twitter account tweeted a message thanking the anime team for their hard work and then further adding, “looking forward to the contribution”. This tweet indicates there’s going to be next season!

Experts anticipate that the show will take time but will be available by the fall or winter of 2022.4.1

The Plot

Season 5 of the anime will cover a series of anticipated events. The Karasuno and Nekoma match is one of them. At the end of season 4, we can see Kenma and kuroo talking about their upcoming game. Kenma is also someone who is somewhat of a genius setter, so Hinata knows it is difficult to engage him and get him to be invested in a competition. Hinata promises to give kenma a match he could never forget in his life.

It is also anticipated that the season will focus on Fukurodani and Bokuto’s story. Season 5 will elaborate their playing style, and the story might take twists and turns.

It will be interesting to see Kageyama’s development while helping Hinata break out of the cage Kenma put him in and the result of Hinata just constantly jumping high and breaking down Nekoma’s tactics. Fans want to see the respectful montage of everyone shaking hands and hugging after the final rally when Kenma shows a lot of will to keep playing.

The season might also show some very expected scenes like Hinata breaking Kenma’s “Cage” and In his mind, Kenma constantly feels contradictory feelings when playing video games with “don’t die yet” in them and many more other thrilling scenes only the fans would understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Haikyuu Season 5 get aired on Netflix?

New episodes from season 5 will air on Netflix and other streaming platforms like Amazon prime video and Crunchyroll.

2. Is season 5 the final season?

No, season 5 will not be Haikyuu’s final season, there are 402 chapters, and many of the chapters are on the way, and more are to come in the anime series.

3. How many episodes are there in Haikyuu Season 5?

There will be 12 episodes in season 5, but there might be alterations to have a continuous flow of the anime.

4. Does Kageyama go blind?

Kageyama loses his eyesight in an unfortunate accident.

5. Who is Little Giant in Haikyuu?

Tenma Udai, the little giant, is an ace player at Karasuno high.

6. Who is Kageyama’s Girlfriend?

Tomo Katsumi is Kageyama’s Girlfriend

7. Did Hinata become ace?

The number of volleyball players in Karasuno high is usually chronological by year, with the number 4 typically reserved for the ace. Thus, poor Hinata never became the team’s ace, but in his final year, he was honoured lower number than someone who hadn’t been on the team as long.

Final words

This was all about Haikyuu season 5; I hope this article was helpful and you got the answers to the questions you were having in your mind. As of now, all we can do is wait for the season to release.

That’s all for today. Have a good day, Ciao!


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