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My Hero Academia Season 6 (May 2024)

my hero academia season 6

My hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hero Academia, is one of the hottest superhero anime series in 2022. Season 6 of this anime series will soon launch by the end of 2022, and fans can’t keep calm. My hero Academia season 6 will be the most action-packed season in the show’s history and will also show some intensely emotional moments.

So, if you are a, My hero, Academia fan and want to know more about season 6 and when is My Hero Academia season 6 coming out, this article is all you’ll need. I will take you through a brief of all the information regarding season 6 and give you additional facts about the lesser-known anime.

Sit back and enjoy the article!

Director and Crew

ProducersKazumasa Sanjōba
Hiroshi Kamei
Naoki Amano
Hirokazu Hara
Natsumi Mori
Wakana Okamura
Kōji Nagai
Yoshihiro Ōyabu
Hayato Saga
Sōkichi Onoda
Mirei Tsumura
Hiroya Nakata
Series Music byYuki Hayashi
DirectorKenji Nagasaki
Tomo Ōkubo
Masahiro Mukai
WriterYōsuke Kuroda
Series CinematographyMasataka Ikegami
Takashi Sawa

My Hero Academia Synopsis

My hero academia is a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi and animated into a series by Shonen Jump.

It is a story set around in the modern era where some people worldwide possess some superpowers termed as “quirks”.The quirks in the modern era have come as a blessing and a curse. The blessing is, that people can help each other with difficult tasks which are harder to do with normal human abilities and the curse is that with the superpowers emerged super-villains.

The villains with superhuman abilities create chaos all around the world, hampering the economy and life of regular human residents. With such problems worldwide, a new profession emerged of Pro Heroes. Heroes who fight the villains and protect people.

The main story arc starts with a four-year-old kid named Izuku Midoriya, who is the main protagonist in the anime series. He was born with no superhuman abilities and was often bullied by his classmates who had powers. But this never stopped the little Izuku from pursuing his dream of someday becoming a hero like his Idol, legendary All Might.

To become a hero like All Might, he has to work hard and get into the country’s best superhero school, UA high. Later on, he gets admitted with the help of his Idol, and then the adventure begins to become the greatest hero of all time.

But will there be a season 6 of my hero academia and how will the chapters continue, find out in the next parts of the blog.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

In the Jump Festa event held in December, The season 6 release date was announced. It will return in the fall of 2022. Jump Festa is an event held exclusively for manga and anime lovers. At the event, many trailers were launched, and there were confirmed announcements about various anime series. Sadly no specific date was announced back then in December.

Recently in the Shonen Jump magazine, “My Hero Academia season 6” was put on the cover page, and they gave fans hope by being more specific about the release month. Season 6 is going to be aired in October 2022.

Season 6 Plot

My hero Academia season 6 will completely change the mood and tone of the anime. The previously goofy Deku now has a new dress haul that looks more mean and aesthetic. The anime rarely had scenes where people died, and there were very few dark moments, but now that the “Paranormal Liberation” arc will get aired with season 6, things will get dark and intense.

With so much at stake, even UA High students have joined the pro heroes to help in the coming battles, thanks to spy Hawks and the Safety Commission with top-secret information that a big villain attack is on the way.

Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki, the finest of heroes they, start training under the supervision of Endeavor. They want to grow strong and independent to stand by themselves when they need to.

Tomura Shigaraki is approaching the end of his stasis tank with every passing moment while the Hawks play a dangerous double game within the Paranormal Liberation Front. A lab full of terrifying monsters is also waiting to harm the world.

Deku senses an ominous presence that could change the battle balance against the heroes and cause a multi-front attack against the villains. But the heroes’ forces are stretched thin, and Deku senses an all-out war between the villains and the heroes.

As Shigaraki emerges into the scene, the war takes on a whole new dimension. Worse, a giant-sized villain is rampaging through a city, killing everyone in his way.

In the face of mounting pressure from Number One Hero Endeavor, Deku and Bakugo find themselves on the front lines of this conflict.

Deku’s One For All power reaches new heights when the League of Villains threatens his friends’ lives. As a raging Deku’s power reaches new heights, he becomes like an unstoppable meteor!

Full Cast

Main cast
CharactersVoiced by
Izuku Midoriyavoiced by Daiki Yamashita
All Mightvoiced by Kenta Miyake
Kacchan / Katsuki Bakugovoiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto
Shoto / Shoto Todorokivoiced by JYūki Kaji
Uravity / Ochaco Urarakavoiced by Ayane Sakura
Ingenium / Tenya Iidavoiced by Kaito Ishikawa
Creati / Momo Yaoyorozuvoiced by Marina Inoue
Red Riot / Eijiro Kirishimavoiced by Toshiki Masuda
Froppy / Tsuyu Asuivoiced by Aoi Yuuki
voiced by Aoi Yuuki
Tsukuyomi / Fumikage Tokoyamivoiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya
Earphone Jack / Kyoka Jirovoiced by Kei Shindo
Chargebolt / Denki Kaminarivoiced by Tasuku Hatanaka
Pinky / Mina Ashidovoiced by Eri Kitamura
Voiced by Eri Kitamura
Grape Juice / Minoru Minetavoiced by JiRyō Hirohash
Cellophane / Hanta Serovoiced by Kiyotaka Furushima
Can’t Stop Twinkling / Yuga Aoyamavoiced by Kosuke Kuwano
Tentacle / Mezo Shojivoiced by Masakazu Nishida
Invisible Girl / Toru Hagakurevoiced by Kaori Nazuka
Mailman / Mashirao Ojirovoiced by JKosuke Miyoshi
Sugarman / Rikido Satovoiced by Toru Nara
Anima / Koji Kodavoiced by Takuma Nagatsuka
Eraser Head / Shota Aizawavoiced by Junichi Suwabe
Present Mic / Hizashi Yamadavoiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Midnight / Nemuri Kayamavoiced by Akeno Watanabe
Mr Principal / Nezuvoiced by Yasuhiro Takato
Recovery Girl / Chiyo Shuzenjivoiced by Etsuko Kozakura
Vlad King / Sekijiro Kanvoiced by Shuhei Matsuda
Thirteenvoiced by Inuko Inuyama
Cementoss / Ken Ishiyamavoiced by Kenta Okuma
Snipevoiced by Toru Nara
Ectoplasmvoiced by Masakazu Nishida
Power Loader / Higari Maijimavoiced by Yo Kitazawa
Hound Dogvoiced by Eiji Hanawa
Gran Torino / Sorahiko Torinovoiced by Kenichi Ogata
Hawksvoiced by Yuichi Nakamura
Endeavour / Enji Todorokivoiced by Tetsu Inada
Kurogirivoiced by Takahiro Fujiwara
All For One / Shigarakivoiced by JAkio Ōtsuka
Stain / Chizome Akagurovoiced by JGo Inoue
Dabi vvoiced by Hiro Shimono
Mirio Togata (Young)voiced by Wakana Kingyo
Shoto Todoroki (Young)voiced by Kei Shindo
Overhaul / Kai Chisakivoiced by aKenjiro Tsuda
voiced by aKenjiro Tsuda
Erivoiced by Seiran Kobayashi

My Hero Academia Anime Compared with the Manga

The anime adaptation of the My Hero Academia has closely followed the original manga and has added some good additions in episodes. Although some fillers made the anime a little stretchy, it never felt like a filler at the end of the episode.

The average pace at which the manga is depicted in the anime is commendable. The first season averaged with 1.5 chapters per episode, which is a comfortable pace. The recent episodes are much faster and adapt approximately 2-3 chapters in one single episode. But the episodes don’t feel boring or over the head.

Episode 88 from season 4 adapted almost six chapters in one single go, and it was quite a good one. Generally, a typical action episode has three chapters at max.

The only place where the anime changed a little bit with regard to the manga is in season 5, episode 13, where the anime completely jumped to chapter 241.

The anime is blissful to watch when all things are said and done. With so many emotions imbibed into the scenes and with unbridled actions, the audience never felt like watching a boring anime. The manga readers were not disappointed as well; thus, the anime adaptation is no less than the manga.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a season 6 of My Hero Academia?

There is going to be season 6 of My hero Academia, and it is going to be released on 0ctober 2022.

2. Will season 6 be the last of My Hero Academia?

NO, the manga has many more chapters left that are yet to be adapted as anime, and thus, most probably, season 6 is not the last season of My hero Academia.

3. Who is Deku in My Hero Academia?

Izuku midoriya, the main protagonist of My Hero Academia, is also as Deku. Deku is Izuku’s Hero name, and he got that name from a friend of his.

4. Does Deku have a girlfriend?

Deku does not have a girlfriend, but he has a supportive female friend Uraraka, who, although he is not in a relationship with Deku, has a soft corner for him.

5. Is Dabi a Todoroki?

As the show progresses, we know that villain Dabi is the eldest son of the Todoroki family. He was thought to be dead long before, but the reality seems different.

6. Is my hero academia for kids?

Although the shounen genre is primarily aimed at kids, My hero academia is also for young adults. The intense storyline and the dark adaptations keep the viewers thinking, and thus it serves both kids and young individuals.

7. Did Deku go dark in the manga series?

In chapter 317 of Boku’s no Hero Academia, Deku goes through a dark transformation, making the civilians doubt whether he could be a Hero.

8. What quirk does Izuku’s mom have?

The quirk is known as the “Unnamed Object Attraction Quirk”, which gives her the ability to attract small objects from far away.

9. What is All Might’s real name?

All Might’s real name is Toshinori Yagi.

Final Words

This article was all about My hero academia season 6 and its plot. Season 6 will be a turning point for this anime, as things are going to change massively. The tone of the anime is going to get dark and more fierce. All the superhero characters will go all-in with their powers as now a major war is coming towards them, and they have to do it or die. I hope this article was helpful and covered all the information you wanted to know. Thank you for giving your precious time to this article. That is all for today, Ciao!

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