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In Another World with My Smartphone Season 2 (May 2024)

in another world with my smartphone season 2

In Another World With My smartphone Season 2 will premiere as a sequel story with renewed adventures in the fantasy world.

Isekai wa Smartphone is an essential adaptation of a Japanese light novel series. Patora Fuyuhara is the writer, and Eiji Usatsuku is the illustrator of the famous fantasy novel. Every anime lover is a fan of In Another World With My Smartphone since the fantasy anime series lets you dwell in an imaginary world.

Also, these types of anime create a concocted fictional situation to grab the audience’s attention. This type of anime falls in the ‘Isekai’ category.

Therefore, fans are eagerly desiring another release sequel to Isekai wa Smartphone. In this article, we have updates on every detail about the possible out of a second season.

So, please stay till the end of the article.

What Do We Know About the Theme of The Story “In Another World with My Smartphone” So Far?

As the anime title implies, the storyline revolves around a Fifteen-year-old boy named Touya Mochizuki and his smartphone.

In the real world, God has killed Touya in an accident mistakenly. As a result of God’s apology, Touya is given another life in a different fantasy world. God has also given him access to his mobile phone in the new world since he also received a special request from God. However, Touya cannot contact anyone from his old world with his smartphone. Also, the smartphone is rechargeable using magic, and the internet is accessible with which he can have the necessary knowledge about the real world.

Moreover, God has also blessed him with seven magical powers. Fire, water, wind, light, dark and Null. Touya became the heartthrob of many girls and allied with people of high social ranking in the new world.

Thus, Touya enjoys his new life with all those magical attributes and discovers new possibilities for his ultimate abilities in the world of magic.

Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni Season 2

Is There Any Chance of the Season 2 Airing?

So far, the production REED has not made any announcement regarding the release of a second season. Therefore, Fans have to wait for the time being. However, based on our research, we have come up with certain aspects that can determine the premiering.

Firstly, the Popularity and depth of the anime story play a huge role in making a sequel. The story’s theme mainly centres around Touya Mochizuki, with nearly no past stories or background from the real world. No matter how strong a fiction the fantasy world creates, the anime can’t get a prominent pace with no significant side characterization. Also, the smartphone has no remarkable story or consequence in the whole story of the anime. Thus the title is not entirely precise, and with a blunt theme, the anime has faced critics multiple times.

And the second point is regarding the availability of source material to the makers of the anime.

Source Material Information

There are a total of 13 volumes of light novels that have successfully made their way to the readers. With its 13th volume released on June 22, 2018. Moreover, in early Soto began serializing the webcomic into manga volumes, and a total of 4 volumes are for sale in Japan, with its last May 25, 2018.

Only half of all the source material is used in the first season. Therefore the anime adaptation of a sequel won’t have the availability of source material as a major problem.

Why the Series was so Popular?

Based on Blue Ray sales and the number of live stream viewers on independent platforms, The Popularity and demand for a second season are measured.

CrunchyRoll streamed the anime In Another World With My Smartphone, and Funimation hosted the English dub of the anime. Viewers can watch the English Dub of the anime on the Anime Watch site.

Also, the series has views of over 100,000,000 times On the website, Shōsetsuka ni Narō. Thus it holds a decent popularity level based on the views on streaming platforms.

However, Blu-Ray copies sales for the first season are only around 1500, which is relatively low. Although, Blu-Ray copies are a bit outdated now and do not shows any vital information regarding the Popularity of a series.

Thus to conclude, Season 2 of the 2017 anime series will appear considering the abundant source material and Popularity on streaming platforms. However, the series will continue to have a low rating from critics because of its overpowered main character. Also, the last episode ended when the story had just started getting exciting. So we are hopeful about a sequel to the story.

Isekai Wa Smartphone To Tomo Ni Season 2

What do we know of the Spoilers for Season 2?

In the history of anime series, good animes have never concluded their end with only one season of story building. Moreover, the end of season 1 also gave indications about a possible Isekai Harem story that is yet to be portrayed entirely.

With his innumerable divine abilities, Touya is on the run to explore the new magical living. He will have a competent group of enemies that are after him, and the story will feature frequent mecha battles. Touya will become the saviour of the new world from the threats of foreign enemies. The magical powers of another world will not affect the enemies. Together with the help of his Harem, nine robots and after hearing news records from Professor Regina Babylonian, Touya is all set for a fight with his new enemy.

The new series will most likely be an adaptation of the 6th or 7th volume of the Light novel. However, we will have to wait until an official announcement from Reed Production.

Also, there are no trailers of the show available so far or any evident video clip regarding the plot or graph of the characters. Hence, we can speculate anything regarding the anime story specifically.`

Also, see, Makers of the anime:

DirectorTakeyuki Yanase
ProducerHiromi Sueta
Ryuji Kasamatsu
Keiji Hamada
Shigeto Nihei
Yasuyuki Iwanami
Hideo Momoda
StudioReed Production
WriterNatsuko Takahashi
MusicExit Tunes

The Nine Marital Engagements of Touya Mochizuki

FiancéeCharacter name
1stYumina Ernea Belfast
2ndLinze Silhoueska
3rdElze Silhoueska
4thYae Kokonoe
5thLucia Leah Regulus
6thSushie Ernea Ortlinde
7thHildegard Minas Lestia


Thus, we can evaluate that there should be a sequel to the fantasy series to give a proper end to the story or lead to the characters. However, we don’t know anything about the exact release date of the second season. So fans have to wait until an official announcement regarding the streaming of a sequel is declared.

Any further information about In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2 will be updated in this article in due time. Therefore, stay tuned for the release news!

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