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Konosuba Season 3: Latest Updates (May 2024)

konosuba season 3

Notably, the anime KonoSuba is another add-on to the already flourishing Isekai genre of animes. Natsume Akatsuki and Hirukuma are the figures behind the famous Isekai light novel and manga, of KonoSuba.

Later in March 2015, Studio Deen came in with the anime adaptation of the manga. Subsequently, the anime earned an extensive fan base in Japan’s world of fantasy animes, airing in early 2016.

Following the release of two seasons, a movie and a spinoff, KonoSuba Season 3 is the next target of anime-lovers. Hence, speculations are in a row regarding the new season.

Unlike other Isekai animes, Konosuba possesses an imaginary world with varying mysteries that make the audience stunt.

However, KonoSuba is a class apart because of its prominent pitching of comedy and sarcastic attributes in the series.

If you have already watched the series, you would know how unique an approach the anime endures. That is to say, Isekai genre animes are usually in a parallel field to the seriousness and intense fight scenes. Whereas, Konosuba flashes light on the comical nature of the genre. Thus, anime has earned a name for itself in yesteryears.

As a fan of the anime myself, I know the necessary speculations fans want to read about season 3. Hence, in this article, we have all the relevant information and data based on thorough research of KonoSuba Season 3.

Don’t stop scrolling till you reach the article’s ending, otherwise, you might miss out on everything we know so far.

konosuba season 3 release date

What Do We Know About Konosuba Anime Series?

Premiering back in 2016 is a 10-episode-long series. The anime is an adaptation of a light novel, manga, and a piece of Isekai anime.

Kanasaki Takaomi is the director in the first season, and Studio Deen takes over the animation part. Moreover, every figure behind the anime has experience in similar projects, which further makes this anime impressive.

Now, let’s revise the storyline and sequences that follow in the animation show.

The story revolves around the reincarnation of a Shut-in NEET teenager, Kazuma Sato. While on his way back home after purchasing a new game from a store, Kazuma dies in an accident.

Fortunately, Kazuma meets Goddess Aqua in his afterlife, giving him a chance to reincarnate in an MMORPG universe. The Goddess aqua wants him to kill the Devil king of the new world. For executing the killing, the Aqua Goddess also grants Kazuma the wish to choose any weapon he wants.

However, instead of any particular wish, Kazuma cunningly asks for Goddess Aqua in the new world to accompany him. Although, Kazuma soon gets the knowledge that Goddess Aqua is not at all intelligent and often inefficient.

Also, the Goddess Aqua cannot return to the afterlife unless Kazuma defeats the Devil King. Therefore, the duo alliance starts recruiting additional members.

At this point, they meet Megumin and Darkness, one is an archwizard, and the other is a masochist crusader. Kazuma and Aqua are not the only ones in the quest; however, the result is distinct from the expectations.

The newly established group embarks on peculiar journeys that are often dysfunctional and ineffective. Therefore, our leading protagonist is giving up on his hopes of defeating the Devil King and resorting to everyday living.

konosuba season 3 release date

When is Season 3 Coming Out

The last season made its debut back on January 12, 2017, following another ten episodes and an OVA.

Also, the movie KonoSuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson made it’s released on August 30, 2019. After that, there were changes in the production unit, with J.C. Staff studio as the movie producer. Since then, we haven’t heard anything about the continuation of the series.

Yes, you read it right. So far, there isn’t any official announcement regarding the further continuation of the series. Although, we have some cure for the cravings of fans for a possible third season. Infact there are various factors that we will talk about further in this article, determining the third season.

For instance, a Reddit AMA from Kadokawa business producer Junichiro Tamura indicates the new season is on the horizon. The AMA was primarily meant for Tamura to promote and answer questions on the “Rising of The Shield Hero” anime.

However, since Kadokawa was the publisher of the initial light novels, fans started actively questioning him on the future prospects of Konosuba. Most of his replies state that a season 3 will soon confirm if the movie sequel does well. Since then, fans have been speculating and waiting for Season 3.

Apart from this, several other aspects of the popular anime Konosuba pledges to revive the series again. Let us take a quick look at the different aspects we are discussing.

konosuba season 3 release date

Availability of Source Material

For an amine’s sequel, source material availability is a foremost criterion that needs to be adequate volume-wise.

So far, about 17 volumes of the light novel, a manga adaptation, and additional spinoff volumes are available. All 17 volumes are a complete edition of the novel, and there won’t be any further proceedings of the volume. The fact that Natsume Akatsuki parted ways with the franchise, thus concluding the end of KonoSuba in 2020.

So, does it means a pause in the continuation of the anime?

Well, certainly not, because Season 1 made adaptations from the first two volumes. The following season 2 took the 3rd and 4th volume contents, whereas the movie sequel constitutes the 5th volume.

Therefore, 12 volumes are still on the shelf for the producer to adapt in the further continuation of the show. Hence, source material won’t ever stand in the way of producing another season of the anime.

The Popularity of The Anime

Another critical aspect that can determine the third season is the show’s popularity among fans and other audiences. The show is extremely progressive in terms of popularity, so let’s take some of the determining platforms.

Firstly, the official Twitter handle of KonoSuba has around 200K followers, which is massive. Similarly, the official Instagram account of the anime has 128K followers, with new posts frequently coming in till today.

Also, the show has a 7.9 rating on average in IMDB, thus enlisting it among good animes. Similarly, in Myanimelist, the first season, second season, and movie have a rating of 8.14, 8.30, and 8.50, respectively.

Secondly, the anime acquires around 135K searches monthly in terms of Google search volumes. Moreover, the trends on Google about the series are mainly on the higher side and just a few lows. Hence, it shows how intriguing anime is even to this day to people around the Globe.

Lastly, talking about merchandise and games of the series, we have around 1,200 pieces of merchandise, which is appreciable. Also, a game in February 2020 made its debut. So, there is enough talk outside the anime, making KonoSuba a brand.

Above all, the anime won an award for best Isekai anime in Funimation’s Decade of Anime Awards.

In short, there is enough engagement of the show to people around the Globe. Hence, the popularity of the show is definitely on the brighter side to look at.

Sales and Profit Information

To an extent, the anime’s profit records help predict if there will be a continuation from the Producers. Likewise, the production house would naturally not continue if the previous seasons didn’t receive enough income.

Talking about KonoSuba, the anime came in as an absolute success for the producers in terms of the Profitability index. Let’s take a look!

According to Junichiro Tamura, the profit of the movie will decide the fate of its season 3.

Thereafter, the movie marks a box office collection of over 710,000,000 Yen (approx. 6.5 million dollars). Moreover, the movie’s Blue-Ray sales are higher than in both seasons, which further increases the prospects of season 3.

The light novel series did even better with its last and second last volume-selling 95K and 100k copies, respectively. For any light novel, the 100K mark is an outstanding achievement.

However, Blu-Ray disc sales are comparatively low, mainly due to people switching to popular streaming platforms.

What Will Be the Plot Synopsis for Konosuba Season 3? Spoilers Alert!

The second season’s ending depicts the defeat of the Demon King’s army in the hands of Kazuma and his party. Also, we get a hint of Aqua’s power when she transforms the Hotsprings into normal water with her magic.

In the subsequent movie, Kazuma and his party come up against Sylvia in Megumin’s home village. After that, Sylvia dies due to her defeat against the heroes and quickly merges with two other generals. The resultant entity is even more powerful. Although, the magical spell of Megumin and YunYun were effective enough to destroy the fusion of demons.

The following season will most likely take its content from volume 6 onwards of the Light Novel series. The story might turn the flashlight on the after-effects of defeat of Sylvia. The incident might allow our heroes to meet the Crown and his family. Therefore, a strong bonding with the royal family might develop, considering Kazuma and his party’s potential. Also, a sense of trust among the people of the capital city for Kazuma will slowly grow.

Moreover, there are prospects of newly found affection between Kazuma and Megumin to the point of being romanticized with each other.

The story has numerous sides that will later unfold in season 3.

Cast and Characters

In all the sequences of KonoSuba, we get to see familiar characters. Therefore, the show’s voice artists and main characters will most likely be the same as in the previous seasons. Hence, some of the main casts and characters are:

Voice ArtistsCharacters in the anime
Jun FukushimaKazuma
Sora AmamiyaAqua
Ai KayanoDarkness
Rie TakahashiMegumin
Aki ToyosakiYunyun
Yui HorieWiz

So far, no new cast or character reveals from the show makers regarding the following season. If we get any such news or rumour, we will update the info in the article in due time.


We shall soon get the news about KonoSuba Season 3 premiering since it’s an ideal project for any franchise. The anime is able to effectively conserve its satirical theme and mark an impression among its viewers.

Moreover, looking at the popularity, sales and profit, and source material info, the anime deserves another season. Thus, we won’t be surprised if there is word about the release of season 3 shortly. Till then, viewers can always binge-watch the previous episodes and wait for the season 3 declaration. Stay Tuned!

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