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StarGirl: A Great Show for the Whole Family (May 2024)


StarGirl is a great new show that whole families can watch together. It’s a coming-of-age story about a young teenager who finds herself responsible for a lot more than she bargained for as a young adult when she becomes a superheroine. Not only that, but this story breaks the molds of both teenager and superhero stories because of how close the main character, unsurprisingly known by her superheroine name of StarGirl, is with both of her parental figures.

An Interesting Coming-of-Age Story

StarGirl is a new show that is executive produced by Geoff Johns. The titular character is a superheroine called StarGirl, whose real name is Courtney Whitmore. Like most teenagers, Courtney was expecting to deal with regular teenage things during her high school years, and she does. She has many friends at school with whom she has to maintain a good relationship, school clubs to attend, homework to worry about completing, and develops crushes on boys just like any other teenage girl. Through this show, you get to see how she handles herself in these everyday situations as she finds herself responsible for all the things that teenagers normally are.

However, Courtney’s normal life becomes a bit more complicated once she becomes a superheroine. She becomes responsible for things like saving people’s lives and stopping evil villains. This is already more responsibility than she was expecting to have as a teenager, but she also eventually becomes the leader of a superhero organization comprised of many of her friends called the Justice Society of America. Seeing her make monumental decisions that impact many other people’s lives, as a teenager, makes her story a very unique and interesting coming-of-age story that the whole family can appreciate and find joy in.

Courtney’s Close Parental Relationships

Another element that makes StarGirl a great family show is the fact that Courtney’s family is very involved in her life, both as a teenager and as a heroine. Unlike most stories about teenagers or superheroes, Courtney is actually very close with her family. So much so, in fact, that they are aware of her identity as a superheroine. Both her mother and her stepfather are aware that Courtney is StarGirl. It’s great to see a story about a teenager not needing to hide who she really is from her loved ones and not needing to lead a secret double life. Instead, Courtney’s parents are able to know the truth about her and who she really is. Amazingly, they help her to be an even better superheroine by offering her their assistance however they can. Sometimes, that just means providing her with some advice when she needs it or even just a listening ear. Because of their loving and experienced support, StarGirl is able to be an even better superheroine than she would be otherwise.

StarGirl is a show that your whole family can have fun watching together. It’s a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl named Courtney, who has a great relationship with both of her parental figures and unexpectedly becomes a superheroine.

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