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Top 5 Best Streaming Services For 2023 (May 2024)

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One of the only streaming services that were available only a few years ago was Netflix. Now, there are several streaming services to choose from depending on the types of shows and movies that you like and how much you want to pay each month. If you subscribe to multiple services, such as HBO, Sling TV, Amazon, and Disney, then you’re going to have separate bills to pay each month, which can start adding up to what you might pay for a cable or satellite bill. Most cable companies average between $45 and $130 a month depending on the package that you get. When you start looking at streaming services, keep in mind that if you choose a plan with live TV, then you’re going to pay more than if you were to choose a service that features a library of movies and shows that you can replay. Aside from live TV, many popular streaming services offer packages with no ads so that your favorite shows and movies aren’t interrupted. However, this option is usually a little more expensive.

Disney Plus
This is a service that offers something for the entire family. You’ll have access to some of the older shows and movies that you might have enjoyed when you were younger as well as many of the new programs that have recently been on TV and in theaters. You can stream on up to four devices at one time, and it’s an affordable option at $7.99 to start. Parental controls are available. Programming options include shows and movies from Pixar, Marvel, and Disney. There is an option to bundle Disney with Hulu and ESPN for $13.99 a month so that you have more to watch.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a streaming service while still having quite a few options for what to watch, then consider Hulu. It starts at $6.99 a month and increases as you remove ads or bundle the service with others, such as ESPN, Starz, or Showtime. The upgraded tier with no ads is $12.99 a month. Keep in mind that you can only watch on two screens at one time, which could pose an issue if there are multiple people in your home who want to use the service in their bedrooms or in the living room at once.


A classic streaming option, monthly plans start at $8.99. You can only use one device with Netflix, which is a downfall for many people who enjoy the original shows that are offered by the service. However, there are hundreds of options available to watch with many titles being added each month. The service also offers holiday options so that you can watch your favorites and a few new shows in one place.

Prime Video
Although this is an option that’s a little more expensive at $12.99 to start, you can bundle it with HBO, CBS, and Showtime. You can also watch Prime on three devices at once. This is a service that’s already available if you have an Amazon Prime account. One detail to keep in mind is that there aren’t as many shows available as other streaming services.

At $9.99 a month, this is a service that offers more movies than television shows. You can bundle with Hulu and watch on three devices at once. You’ll have access to shows and movies from Warner Bros and Cartoon Network, and there are several classics on the service that adults might enjoy.


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