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Greenleaf Season 6 on Netflix: Release Date and True Facts (May 2024)

greenleaf season 6

Greenleaf is an American drama television series trying to paint a picture of an ideal family. Yes, it is a full family drama show. On 21 June, 2016, the series’s first premier took place.

With well-rounded characters and capacity for illuminating important issues affecting contemporary society, the series got a strong popularity and fan base. The popularity and fans expectation keep increasing with every time a season is released.

After the last season of the show ended on 11 August 2020, fans are desperately waiting for its next season. So will there be a Greenleaf season 6? Let’s find out!

A Brief Introduction Regarding The Series

Total number of Seasons5
Total number of Episodes60 episodes
First Episode Date21 June 2016
Final Episode Date11 August 2020
Written ByCraig Wright
Elizabeth Hunter
Manto Alvarado
Robert Engels
Created ByCraig Wright
Executive ProducersOprah Winfrey
Craig Wright
Clement Virgo
ProducersGerrit Van der Meer

Is Greenlead Season 6 Cancelled?

So far, Greenleaf received a massive popularity and fan base with its dramatic and mesmerising storyline. And there is no doubt that a series with a huge popularity will definitely renew for a new season.

But it is not going to happen in the case of this series. The show creators, Oprah Winfrey Networks have chosen to end the series on season 5. However, the makers haven’t given any explanation why they are doing so.

Still, you can rejoice with a spin-off series. The makers announced this spin-off to give the series a deserving ending. Now, you don’t have to wait to see your favourite characters.

Why Did Creators Cancel Season 6 of Greenleaf?

According to the various genuine sources, makers decided to cancel the series due to its decreasing ratings. However, the series remained the number one scripted show on television with an average 1.1 million viewers.

Unfortunately, its ratings dropped in season 4 and 5 due to unknown reasons. And ratings are one of the major factors that decide whether a series will come up with a new season or not.

That is the only reason creators decided not to renew the series with season 6.

Who Will Be In The Cast

As we have told you before, there will be no season 6. The spin-off series may feature the season 5 cast members shown below.

CastPlayed As
Merle DandridgeGrace Greenleaf
Desiree RossSophia Greenleaf
Lynn WhitfieldLady Mae Greenleaf
Kim HawthorneKerissa Greenleaf
Oprah WinfreyMavis McCready
Keith DavidBishop James Greenleaf
Deborah Joy WinansCharity Greenleaf
Tye WhiteKevin Satterlee
Lamman RuckerJacob Greenleaf
Lovie SimoneZora Greenleaf
Rick FoxDarius Nash
Gregory Alan WilliamsRobert McCready
Benjamin PattersonNoah Kendall
Jacob GibsonAJ Delajae
Roshon FeganIsaiah Hambrick

What will be the Storyline?

Since the TV series had already announced its end, it’s impossible to predict the storyline of the upcoming season.

Since season 5, the show hasn’t left any loose ends and has tried to give the series a deserving ending sequence with a spin-off series.

Season 5 ended with Grace Greenleaf, daughter of Bishop James, trying to prove to the family the ugly truths and sins of her uncle. Although, the family is ignorant towards her view on the matter.

The other members did not support Grace’s attempt to prove his paedophile uncle inappropriate. Instead, they were all disappointed with Grace’s opinion after her unanticipated return to family 20 years later.

Is there a Trailer for Season 6?

Is there a Trailer for Season 6

After the makers announced the end of the series, there will be an anticipated return of your best-loved characters on the big screen with a spin-off series. You can check out its trailer above announced back in May 2020 on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and Lionsgate’s official Twitter handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will there be a Greenleaf season 6?

Unfortunately, the show creators have chosen to end the series after season 5. So there will be no season 6. But the makers have decided to give it a deserving ending sequence with a spin-off series.

2.Why is Greenleaf Cancelled?

Consistently decreasing ratings in season 4 and 5 become the reason for its cancellation.

3.Is there a Greenleaf Spin-off series?

Yes, the makers have announced a spin-off series for the show.

Wrapping Up

We’re very very sorry to give you this news that there will be no Greenleaf season 6. But we are helpless as makers have decided to do so due to its decreased ratings. There will be no loose end to the series as creators announced a spin-off series to give it a perfect ending.

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