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How Long Do Idiots Live: Funny Meme on TikTok (May 2024)

How Long Do Idiots Live

The latest meme, ‘How long do idiots live?’ has gone viral. You have to do your Google search, and then you will get a strange answer. Generally, the meme went viral in 2021, and in Feb 2022, it has come with a new trend.

Let’s come to the specific answer upon googling that question.

As per Google, the idiots live only for 12-15 years. It simply means that the idiots get wiped off the earth in their teenage years, while the adults are generally lovely and non-idiotic and exist after their adolescent years.

Keep reading the article to explore more about the meme.

What Does How Long Do Idiots Live Actually Mean

It is something that happened when someone searched how long idiots live on Google. The person got the answer: idiots lived for precisely 12 to 15 years. In 2021, the search first emerged.

It re-emerged in February 2022. However, the answer was based on actual science. If idiots live for 12-15 years, it means they all would die in their teenage years. In this way, other adults would be nice and clever people.

How Long Do Idiots Live

Is there any Science Behind the Meme?

Yes, the meme is actually based on science trying to find the connection between the human lifespan and various personal aspects. Everyone in this world is obsessed with finding the secret of immortality and the extension of their lives.

According to a study, a human lifespan depends on the person’s age, emotional state, and health.

Why The Meme is Trending

When the users on the TikTok app posted videos asking the question – How long do idiots live? The answer was to entertain people. Since that time, the question has gone beyond Siri, and it has become a viral sensation.

The answers to questions like “12” or “15” just got hilarious actions and amused people. It made people share more videos and make memes on that topic. So, the trend went viral on every social media platform, making them think how long the fools live on TikTok.


What People Think About The Trend ‘How Long Do Idiots Live’

The story behind the meme is also spread in various places. The meme is generally about an idiot. While some people ask Google how long idiots live, you may get accurate information, but when searching this on TikTok, you are likely to find more information about the trend.

So, be aware when you search online, and don’t fall into any trap. The meme has gone viral to entertain people, and they all also have a solution that fools people who may live 12-15 years.

How Long Do Idiots Live

When the meme went viral, it created a kind of obsession in people’s minds, and as a result, they started to find answers to this question. This way, the topic garnered interest online. Even in many videos, the ” How long idiots live 12-15 meme was discussed.

Additionally, it was also shown not to take these posts seriously rather than enjoying them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Really Idiots Live Only 12-15 Years?

The meme went viral, and people got the hilarious answer, ’12-15′ years. But it was only for entertaining people. The lifespan of any person depends on their health.

2. Why do Idiots Live only 12-15 Years?

There is no truth in the statement that idiots live 12 to 15 years. So, it is useless to argue why they live that much.

3. Is There any Other How Long X Live Memes on the Internet?

Yes, there was another trending meme: How long do Emos Live?


The Internet is always full of trendy memes or hot topics. In that case, the meme ‘How long do idiots live’ is widespread worldwide. At the same time, the internet shows answers ’12-15′, which is quite funny to enquire about.

Let’s comment on your thoughts about the viral trend of ‘how long an idiot can live.’ Instead of taking that phrase seriously, make the comments only for entertainment purposes.

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