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Made In Abyss Season 3: Confirmed or Cancelled & New Trailer (May 2024)

Made In Abyss Season 3

Since it debuted on 7 July 2017, Made in Abyss has been one of the best adventure series in its genre. With the combination of a captivating story and breathtaking visuals, the series has become incredibly successful worldwide.

Fans have grown to love many memorable characters in the show, such as Riko and Nanachi. After the end of season 2, fans were expecting the third season. Today in this article, we’re going to reveal the release date of Made in Abyss season 3. So stay tuned!

Made In Abyss

A Brief Introduction Regarding The Series

Total number of Seasons2
Total number of Episodes27 episodes
First Episode Date07-Jul-17
Final Episode Date29-Sep-22
Dark Fantasy
Science Fiction
Written ByHideyuki Kurata
Directed ByMasayuki Kojima

When will Made in Abyss Season 3 be Release?

The makers have confirmed that there will be a season 3. On 15 January 2023, the creators of Made in Abyss 2 even released the teaser on their Twitter handle. It clearly shows that the new sequel is confirmed for fans around the world and will be coming anytime soon.

But the makers haven’t announced the release date yet. As there is no source material available, the production has also not been started yet. So, for now, we only have to do is wait for any official information from the makers.

Expected Cast for Season 3

CharactersPlayed By
RIkoMiyu Tomita
NanachiShiori Izawa
ReguMariya Ise
JiruoDaniel Regojo
NattoMutsumi Tamura
NarrationMaaya Hanawa
KiyuiManami Hanawa
ShigiManami Numakura
MittyMonica Rial
LyzaSonja Spuhl
ShiggyIIona otto
OzenHeike Schroetter
MarulkJodie Blank
NatShannon Emerick
RegLaurine Betz

What will be the Plot of Season 3 of Made in Abyss?

It is hard to talk about the plot now as the upcoming season hasn’t been confirmed yet by the creators. After seeing the previous seasons, it is obvious to say that the storyline will revolve around Reg and Faputa.

However, every season of the show considers four manga books. It is expected that the upcoming third season will be covering around 10 to 13 manga volumes. Therefore, we need to choose the manga volume 10 in English to pick a storyline for the third season.

Depending on the story in the manga, the renewal of the series is titled Made in Abyss: The Curse Fleet.

Is There a Trailer for Season 3

Yes, there is a trailer for the upcoming season 3 of Made in Abyss.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Made in Abyss Season 3 Release Date?

The show makers haven’t announced any release date yet.

2. How many Episodes will be there in Season 3?

There is no official confirmation from the makers of how many episodes will be there in the new season. But as we have already told, the upcoming season will be covering 10-13 manga volumes. So there is a possibility of 10-13 episodes.

3. Where can I Watch Made in Abyss Season 2?

You can watch it on Netflix.

Wrapping Up

There is no confirmation regarding when the third season of Made in Abyss is going to be released. But you got the trailer. So enjoy watching it!

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