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Six Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Effective In 2021

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In today’s era, businesses leverage different digital marketing schemes according to their budget, strategies, and niche. From social media marketing to pay-per-click (PPC), every method has its significance and effectiveness. But email marketing is one of the cost-efficient marketing methods that allow you to achieve desired results quickly. 

A few years ago, there was a perception that email marketing is dead, but in reality, email marketing is still one of the most results-driven marketing tools ever used. Currently, there are over 4.1 billion email users around the globe, which means you can target a large audience through email marketing. 

Creating email marketing campaigns can be a time-consuming process. From creating a catchy subject line to developing a short and crisp email, it involves different factors. You have to identify the problems of your customers to market your products or services effectively.s. 

Getting leads and engagement helps you increase brand awareness, but the primary purpose is to close a sale. It depends a lot on how your campaigns address consumer’s issues and suggest an appropriate solution through your services. Let’s find out why email marketing is still effective in 2021. 

Emails are Targeted 

Email marketing allows you to control who will see your marketing campaigns. Running advertisements in newspapers or television does not give you this privilege. Your advertisements are viewed by the audience of TV channels or newspapers, leaving you with the hope of getting some positive results. On the other hand, email marketing can segment email lists based on location, demographics, and other valuable data. 

Additionally, you can implement actionable lead magnet strategies according to your customer’s needs to make your email campaigns successful. It helps to gather helpful contact information of customers in exchange for a promotional offer. 

You can browse various lead magnet examples via online resources or by studying your competition before creating an email marketing campaign. It will help you personalize messages for your target market effectively to ensure higher ROI and conversion rates. 

Helps Increase Brand Awareness

Email marketing is a perfect fit for approaching potential customers and enhancing brand recognition. It helps customers understand your mission, vision, services, and products. Your audience will get to know who you are and what you do. Once your brand awareness increases, your customer base will also grow. 

To improve brand awareness through email marketing, you should keep some key factors in mind. First, make sure that your company name and logo are visible in the email. Then, you have to deliver a unique and compelling message to leave a positive impact on your audience. 

By maintaining consistent branding through your emails, you will attract customers and increase brand recognition. 

Generates Better Results than Other Marketing Channels

According to a statistical study, email marketing produces better ROI than other marketing channels. It has a conversion rate of 66%, which is the highest for purchases made through promotional messages. If you spend one dollar on email marketing, then it means you can earn around $45 with users purchasing through these campaigns. 

Compared to social media, email marketing is known to be more effective when acquiring new customers. You are most likely to have a better click-through rate (CTR) through email marketing, which helps in customer acquisition. 

You can leverage different email marketing software to automate your email campaigns. It will optimize your performance and help to make data-backed modifications to your campaigns. You will also be able to improve your campaigns by analyzing the performance metrics. 

Helps in Customer Retention and Engagement  

You can send promotional emails to existing customers by gathering their email addresses and including them in your campaigns. You can take one step further by creating engaging email campaigns to educate people about how your products resolve their problems, increasing your credibility. 

Customers will go nowhere else once they start trusting the quality of your products or services. It helps give you the time you need to innovate your product or service while retaining customers. 

It brings tons of Web Traffic

It is a fact that even your loyal customers do not visit your website every day. Not because there is something wrong with your website but because everybody has their priorities. That is where email marketing comes into play. 

You can use email marketing smartly to familiarize your target audience with your website content. If you have created a new blog post, you should run a campaign on it. In few days, you will see a massive difference in web traffic and engagement of that blog. 

You can do the same to promote your services and products. For example, if you have launched a new product or service, you can enable it by creating an email campaign. Remember to add an attractive call-to-action (CTA) button in your campaigns to compel users to take action. 

Helps to Personalize Content 

Rather than sending typical old-fashioned branding messages, you can create an email according to your audience’s interests and past shipping activities. It will help you trigger an emotional response within your audience to bring fruitful results for your business. 

To gain better insight into customers’ interests, you can regularly analyze the products they view or the blog posts they read most. 

It would be best to examine your email marketing funnel to send the relevant content to your audience according to their phase in buying cycle. You may use email automation tools to send messages to customers based on their activities. 

For example, you can schedule welcome emails for all users once they subscribe to your newsletter. You can also set abandoned cart emails to let customers know about incomplete purchases. Personalized content makes email communication effective and lets your audience know that you have created the content for them specifically. 


Marketers need to understand the significance of email marketing to win today’s digital marketing battle. It would be best if you created the right strategies according to your customer’s interests to create ROI-driven email campaigns. 

From targeting emails effectively to personalizing content, you have to pay attention to different aspects of email marketing to achieve your desired results. It will help if you channel your efforts in the right direction to utilize email marketing in the right way. It will ensure consistent growth and help gain a competitive edge in the market. 

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